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In rete ho trovato questo utile Database con un bel pò di esempi che potranno esserVi utili

Ecco una lista di quello che può fare

 16 bit free resources and available memory
16 bit GetPrivateProfileString function call to get ScreenSaver and WallPaper in Windows.
32 bit free disk space funtion call In Windows to check Freespace on Disk.
32 bit GetPrivateProfileString funtion call to get Screen Saver and Wallpaper
Accessing Notes Session Properties
Accessing Notes View Properties
Add Rich Text thru the UI
Add Roles To ACL
Add together two arrays
Adding a Variable into String for LotusScript Search Method
Adding an Item to All Documents Using AppendItemValue of NotesDocument
Agent for Encrypting Documents
Agent used to create User Profile Documents From Office Profile Documents
Button adds attachments RTF
Check and set a File's Attributes
Check for down servers
Check specified server until is responds
Checking Validity of Pasted Documents
Compact all local databases < 90% utilized
Count the number of documents in a view
Create a new class to display objects
Create and send mail
Create error handling class
Creating a database
Creating a database from a template
Creating a New and Modified
Creating a New and Modified - Challenge*
Creating a Rich Text Field
Creating a Search Agent
Creating a Search Agent - Challenge*
Creating a Search Agent to Search the Internet
Creating Newsletters
Creating Newsletters - Challenge*
Daily Dilbert Agent
Delete all orphaned response documents
Determine if a document is a profile document
Determine the Number of Rows in a LS:DO Result Set in Notes R4
Determining the End of a File with LotusScript
Dialogbox calls a Form!
Directing New Users to a Special View
Display Help Dialog Box
Error handling using IsOpen
Error handling with On Error
Error handling with Open
Fibonacci Sequence and a Quicksort
Filling Items with Dialog Box on Open of Document!
Finding the Amount of Free Space on a Drive Using LotusScript
Flat file import
FTP Mirror
Generate Response Docs in LotusScipt
Handling a specific error
How can you display the text of individual table cells using LotusScript in Notes R4?
How do you do a data import/merge using Lotuscript?
How do you remove an element from a Textlist field?
How to Add Carriage Returns to a Text Field via LotusScript in Notes R4.5x
How to Append One RTItem to Another via LotusScript Without a Save Prompt
How to Change the Caption on a Multi-line LotusLabel in LotusScript
How to Check via LotusScript Whether a Document is Open in Preview Pane
How to compare date/time fields using Lotuscript.
How to Determine if Optional Arguments Have Been Provided for a Method.  Product Release: LSX Toolkit 2.0
How to Display a Document, that Isn't the Current Document, w/ LotusScript
How to Get Data from an OLE Object via Notes LotusScript Front-End Methods
How to Have a Script in Notes R4 Pause for Some Time and then Continue
How to make the "loser" of a replication/save conflict be the "winner"?
How to Open a Navigator in Notes R4 via LotusScript
How to Search for a Date Value When Using the GetDocumentByKey Method
How to Set Time Zone for a Date with the NotesDateTime Class in Notes R4
How to use LotusScript to Mail a Memo with a Doclink to the Original Document.
How to Use LotusScript to Prevent a User from Opening a View
How to Use the LotusScript NotesItem CopyItem Method
How to use @Functions in LotusScript.
How to View on the Screen a Rich Text Item Added via LotusScript
Import a Text File into a Rich Text Item via LotusScript
Inport From ODBC (Tech Incident Database Example)
LotusScript Agent to Recalculate Documents on a Schedule
LotusScript Notes AppendRTItem Method - Copy RichtextItem Font Information
Low-level, self-contained, LotusScript  functions,
Manipulating Rich Text
Notes R4, you are attempting to add a user's name to an Access Control List (ACL) via LotusScript. When you add the use
ODBC Connection With Message Box to ask for ODBC DATA Source.
Open a document in edit mode if it exists.
Open a Freelance Presentation via Automation
Percent Complete in script
Perform a full text search on the current database. It sends the user a newsletter with links
Performing a Search
Preventing Orphan Responses
Pulling a Value From Current Table Cell With LotusScript
Purge Agent
Pushing changes down the hierarchy
Reference other databases
Refresh a View from within a Document Using Script in Notes R4
Refresh Agent
Refresh Authors or Readers Fields Updated via LotusScript Back-end
Reloading Rich Text
Removing an Item from All Documents in the Database
Rename a Notes view with LotusScript?
Rules for Creating LotusScript Agents that Execute from a Web Browser
Sampling of SQL Statements that Can Be Used with Notes
Scheduled agent that attaches file to documents.
Script changes the an item on each document selected in a view
Script Libraries - Examples
Searching Notes Databases
Searching the Web
Select Case with Enum values
Sending an e-mail message to the author of the current document
Set a dialog box to "always on-top"
Share scripts among elements in a database
Simple Test for Reading from an ODBC Data Source Using LotusScript
Simple Test for Writing to an ODBC Data Source Using LotusScript
Something to watch out for with Str$
This button script displays the sum of all OrderTotal fields in a database for one day.
This button script is useful in a mail message to a group of persons.
Update a field in all the response documents from a field that has changed in the parent document.
Update a field in response documents after it is changed in the parent document?
Update the full text index of the current database.
Using LotusScript for Unattended File Import in a Notes View
Using LotusScript to Read from Non-Notes Databases
Using LotusScript to Read from Non-Notes Databases - Challenge*
Using LotusScript to Write to a Non-Notes Database
Using the LotusScript Data Object (LS:DO) Error Methods
Using UnprocessedDocuments on all newly created and modified documents, to modify the Status item of each document it p
Using UnprocessedDocuments on all unread documents, to put unread documents into a folder.
Using UnprocessedDocuments to iterate through a view and , if the Approver item contains the current user's name, it se
What are Properties in LotusScript?
What is the Difference Between Type and Class in LotusScript?
When Looping Through a ResultSet, While.NextRow Is Not Recommended
Working with Embedded Objects and Environment Variables


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  • #1 antonino migliore 05/27/2012 3:36:35 PM

    non funziona il download del db esempi

  • #2 Atin Gupta 04/17/2011 4:13:45 PM


    I am a Lotus Domino freelancer.

    I am having around 9 years of experience in IT.

    If you are having any requirements to provide trainings in Lotus Domino or have any work to outsource, please do contact me.


    Atin Gupta

  • #3 myt 07/28/2009 4:42:45 PM

    you can find it on :)

  • #4 kavitha 06/01/2009 1:43:24 PM

    please send code

  • #5 Emi 06/24/2005 10:00:09 AM

    In alto a destra...

  • #6 06/24/2005 9:22:14 AM

    Bello ma il link per il download?

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