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Ecco i dettagli per download e fix più importanti di questo Fix Pack.

A partire dalla 6.5.4 la sequenza di installazione del FP rispetto al Language pack non ha importanza (tranne che per piattaforma iSeries)

Prima della 6.5.4 la sequenza obbligatoria era:

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Notes/Domino 6.5.5 FP1 Maintenance Release
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Notes/Domino 6.5.5 FP1 Maintenance Release
May 24, 2006

IBM Lotus announces Domino 6.5.5 Fix Pack 1. IBM strongly recommends upgrading to the latest Fix Pack, since Fix Packs address a small percentage of defects that impact the broadest set of customers. This is a scheduled Fix Pack of a limited number of low-risk/high-impact fixes to help customers safely avoid known problems. Fix Packs are released periodically between Maintenance Releases to provide a greater level of stability for customer environments. Fix Packs go through the same level of fix, regression and interoperability testing that occurs with our Maintenance Releases. Domino 6.5.5 Fix Pack 1 may be applied on any language version of Domino 6.5.5.

All fixes in this Fix Pack have already been successfully deployed at customer sites. Fix Pack fixes are included in the next shipping Maintenance Release, so 6.5.5 FP1 fixes will also ship in 6.5.6. Customers unable to upgrade to later Maintenance Releases will want to install Fix Packs to benefit from later fixes made to the product. By providing a small number of fixes, customers are able to accept fewer code changes with lower risk, allowing them to "patch" an older Maintenance Release until a more extensive upgrade to the current Maintenance Release is possible. Fix Packs may be downloaded from the web, but will not be distributed on CD.

While Fix Packs provide important fixes and IBM strongly recommends applying the latest Fix pack available for a Maintenance Release, IBM still recommends that customers upgrade to the latest Maintenance Release + Fix Pack combination to receive the broadest set of fixes available. You will receive more overall fixes with a later Maintenance Release + Fix Pack than with a set of Fix Packs on top of an earlier maintenance Release.

The following is a list of the problems fixed in this 6.5.5 Fix Pack.

1. There are 5 fixes below with a plus symbol (+) before the SPR number. This symbol indicates fixes for regression bugs. A regression bug is a bug that was introduced in a Maintenance Release that did not exist in previous releases of that code stream. For example, a bug that appears in R6.5.4 but did not exist in R6.5.2 is a regression.
2. Technote Numbers are displayed in parenthesis following the fix description.

Enterprise Integration
  • SPR# JDEN6CJMBV - Fixed a memory leak in LE. (TN# 1195931)

IBM Lotus Domino Web Access
  • SPR# LORN6LLMP9 - Fixed an HTTP crash when re-sending a delivery failure report from Domino Web Access. This problem occurs with the particular delivery failure document on the UNIX platform only. (TN# 1232853)
  • SPR# OMAI6B7J6U - Under certain circumstances, the HTTP task on a Domino server for iSeries can trigger a crash when Lotus Domino Web Access is being used. See technote for NSD stack trace details. (TN# 1230815)

  • SPR# ANIA6KJCZY - The out of office agent generates a bad signature error, preventing the out of office agent from running when using SCT (Single Copy Template) in a mail file. This fix is server or client depending on where Design Refresh is triggered. For example, if an administrator runs the design task on the server or as a nightly task, a server fix is needed. If a user triggered Design\Refresh or Replace from a client, the fix is applicable to the client. Since most single copy templates are server based and refreshed from the server, that is likely the more relevant fix. (TN# 1154528)
  • SPR# ASAN6FBJZ2 - This fix prevents a server crash when loading platform statistics.
  • SPR# ASCR6FRJDJ - With this fix, AdminP will not modify the $UpdatedBy field in shared design elements for users undergoing a rename. (TN# 1216555)
  • SPR# CSAH5YYHYZ - Removed a redundant and confusing error message indicating that replication only partially completed due to an error. Now we only log true replication errors as they occur. This issue was fixed by removing this error message "Partially replicated RcfMail/RcfDomain archive\a_admini.nsf (due to previously reported error)" because it wasn't applicable and caused confusion. (TN# 1195713)
  • SPR# EPOD5SSNM6 - Fixed a problem where delivery failure reports were returned when the server was shutdown with correctly addressed mail. The delivery failure reports incorrectly returned the message "Operation stopped at your request", even though the sender did not stop any requests. (TN# 1208228)
  • +SPR# EFEN6K8RJJ - Fixed a performance problem where the environment variable value was getting checked on every invocation of the compute constructor. As a result of this fix, there might be a slight improvement in performance when running formula code. This regression was introduced in 6.5.5. (TN# 1236942)
  • +SPR# JPAI6JPM5K, JPAI6KCUCT, JPAI6KGSZ9 - Fixed a potential server hang regression introduced in 6.5.4 FP2 and 6.5.5 with SPR NGRT67EGPM**, "Improved memory handling with concurrent NoteOpen transactions (from clients to the server)". A fix for this server hang was applied in 6.5.5 with SPR JPAI6EFMP6. This fix worked at a number of customer sites; however, when Development tested this fix on Domino 7 by simulating it in a lab environment designed to stress this code, additional problems were discovered. These problems have been resolved in SPRs JPAI6JPM5K, JPAI6KCUCT, and JPAI6KGSZ9. **Please note, the fix for NGRT67EGPM is disabled by default, and is enabled only with the Notes.ini parameter, SERVER_MAX_NOTEOPEN_MEMORY_KB= in place. Please do not use this parameter without explicit instructions from IBM Lotus Support. When this parameter is used the risk of regression is low, and as stated above, has only been simulated in a lab environment designed to stress this code. With this parameter off, there is no regression. The regression is contained in the new code which is only leveraged with the parameter on. (TN#1230098), (TN# 1230051), (TN# 1230052)
  • +SPR# KLIN6LRTHJ - In an LDAP search operation if the target object cannot be found and the search base can be located in the directory but does not match the search filter, success, with no resultant object should be returned instead of noSuchObject. This fix corrects 6.5.5 which incorrectly returned noSuchObject under these circumstances. This regression was introduced in 6.5.5. (TN# 1233078)
  • SPR# LMIR6MG5JF - On the iSeries platform, a Fix Pack can now be installed before or after a language pack. (TN# 1217500)
  • SPR# LVAE6G7EP8 - Panic occurs in Cmovmem when passed an invalid address from NCDfield::RestorePos. (TN# 1217453)
  • SPR# LVAE6JMP2P - If the FTGIndex fails to initialize properly, i.e. due to limited resources (memory) a crash may result because of an uninitialized local variable. (TN# 1225513)
  • SPR# MESR6BVKNP - If a bad page number is encountered when writing a container, a panic will occur and the container will be marked corrupt and an error returned. This fix will cause the container to get rebuilt, and the server will continue on without a panic. (TN# 1238125)
  • SPR# MKIN6K5RUU - Fixed a memory leak in the HTTP task when using Domino Web Access. Blocktype is 0x3A33. (TN# 1237303)
  • +SPR# MKIN6KHQCP - Fixed the view applet to allow it to work with Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser, using JVM 1.1.8. Prior to this fix, the error message "java.lang.NoSuchMethodError....." was displayed on the console. This regression was introduced in 6.5.5. (TN# 1227719)
  • +SPR# MLUR6LDRSF - Fixed a structure alignment problem which could cause a crash on the Unix platforms in some situations. The server crashed in the function "compValue*ODSToCompValue". This regression was introduced in 6.5.5. (TN# 1230821)
  • SPR# RBRE6J7RYE - The public API NSFNoteExtractWithCallback used by 3rd party applications was not exported properly from the LIBNOTES srvpgm. This fixes the export so that 3rd party applications can call this API. (TN# 1225950)
  • SPR# RRYN6MHKL6 - This fixes a problem where if the lifetime number of NoteID's in a database grows beyond about 30 million, the database becomes corrupt and cannot be fixed up. The mail.box on a heavy mail server would be the likely database that this would hit. The problem is that a field in the database structure, which counts the number of NoteID Buckets, is only short making it overflow at around 30 million RRVs. (TN# 1235929)
  • SPR# RWAH6HPQ8B - This iSeries specific fix allows daylight saving time and standard time changes without recycling the Domino server. (TN# 1224799)
  • SPR# THTO6BTQPE - Provides a performance fix for Abstract, which can improve rules performance when searching the body of a message in the Router for certain types of messages. (TN# 1206303)
  • SPR# TTRT6KJTA4 - This fix prevents a server crash when using ViewNavigator.GetEntry() under certain circumstances. (TN# 1236569)
  • SPR# XMXL5UY2FA - This fix addresses Microsoft Internet Explorer issues introduced by Microsoft KB912945. The html generated for the Domino applets (view, edit, actionbar, outline, etc) and DHTML editor control have been changed to allow for automatic activation of the controls
    . The html generated for applets placed in forms with the designer "create - java applet..." has been changed fo allow for automatic activation of the applet. Both changes are controlled with the browser.cnf property ActiveXActivation. (TN# 1234162)

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