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Sia la versione Inglese che i Language Pack sono disponibili in download. Ho provato a scaricare i LP e mi dice "file not found"...???? qualcuno ci ha provato?

Il documento sotto riportato è visibile direttamente sul sito: Notes/Domino Fix list
Notes/Domino 6.5.6

Notes/Domino Fix List

Notes/Domino 6.5.6 Maintenance Release (MR) - Top 20 List
May 3, 2007

Notes/Domino 6.5.6 is our 6th and final Maintenance Release on top of 6.5.  Notes/Domino Release 6.5.6 of IBM Lotus Domino is designed, tested, and supported across the 6.5.1 extended product family.  The extended product family includes:
Lotus Instant Messaging (Sametime®)
Lotus Web Conferencing (Sametime)
Lotus Team Workplace (QuickPlace™)
Lotus Domino Document Manager (Domino.Doc®)
Lotus Workflow™
Lotus Workplace Web Content Management

For more information on bug fixes post 6.5.6, please review the following technote:
Maintenance Release information for Lotus Notes and Domino 6.5.x
Doc #:        1255322
URL:        http://www.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?rs=899&uid=swg21255322

We have fixed approximately 1300 bugs in Notes/Domino 6.5.6.  The following is a list of the Top 20 problems fixed in this MR.  This list was compiled to identify the problems that most significantly impact our customers.  We measure the SPR's by Severity level, number of hotfixes given out, number of customers reporting the problem and business impact to customers.  This criteria helps us identify the most important issues impacting our customers.

1.  There are 5 fixes below with a plus symbol (+) before the SPR number.  This symbol indicates fixes for regression bugs.  A regression bug is a bug that was introduced in a Maintenance Release that did not exist in previous releases of that code stream.  For example, a bug that appears in R6.5.6 but did not exist in R6.5.4 is a regression.
2.  Technote Numbers are displayed in parenthesis following the fix description.

6.5.6 Top 20:

IBM Lotus Domino Web Access
  • +SPR# BRIS5TXQJU - Fixed an http crash when an HTML mail message was forwarded/replied to with history.  The message contained in-line image(s) with the following HTML tag cid:****">.  The cid part of the message contained a semicolon.  This problem rarely occurs in 6.5x but was a regression introduced in 7.0.2 FP1.  (TN# 1158774)

  • SPR# TPAE6K5JZG - Certain rare combinations of user actions can put the Notes client in a state where it sends a continuous stream of name resolve requests, potentially enough requests rapidly enough to overwhelm the Sametime server and cause it to crash.  One symptom of this problem is if the nlnotes process on the Notes client spikes to 100%.  Logging off from the Notes client instant messaging returns the CPU on the Nlnotes process to normal.  The best indication of this problem is one (or more) Notes clients spiking to 100% CPU usage and the ST server(s) slowing to a crawl at the same time.  (TN# 1230709)
  • +SPR# GLAS6LVQV4 - Calendar only delegate can now edit the new repeat instance info for a calendar entry.  This regression was introduced in 6.5.5.  (TN# 1210629)
  • SPR# CSMH6N6QBR -  Fixed an issue that prevented folders with the same name in different parent folders from displaying in the mail navigator.  (TN# 1239383)  
  • SPR# YSAI65CCYZ - When saving as draft or saving a document, there were cases where the Alternate name fields would become out of sync with the standard SendTo, CopyTo, and BlindCopyTo fields.  This fix ensures that template code does not change these lists during a Save or Save as Draft.  (TN# 1240386)    
  • SPR# DKIY6SPCHQ - Added the 2006 reform German Language Spell Checker.   (TN# 1218556)    

  • SPR# DSTT6APL83 - This fix provides Notes.ini variables to control the maximum amount of shared memory the backup process will consume before using temporary files on disk.  The Notes.ini variable "NSF_Backup_Memory_Constrained=1" enables the feature with a default size of 20Mb, the Notes.ini variable "NSF_Backup_Memory_Limit" is provided to tune that size.  The default is NSF_Backup_Memory_Limit=20000000.  (TN# 1211241)
  • SPR# SBRN5PGPCN - This fix extracts attachments from TNEF streams.  TNEF streams are sent from Microsoft Outlook users when the sender tells Outlook to send "rich text" to the recipient.  The TNEF stream is a formerly proprietary Microsoft method for "tunneling" Microsoft Rich Text Format (RTF) data over the Internet.  Microsoft has published the specification for the TNEF stream format.  We now can decode TNEF streams (almost always sent as an attachment named 'winmail.dat') and extract any embedded file attachments.  Any embedded file attachments are then attached to the message which is delivered to the Lotus Notes' recipients mail database.  (TN# 1093342)
  • +SPR# HNAA6E89C5 - This fix prevents the Notesmm program from remaining in memory after Notes has quit, which can prevent Notes from being re-launched.  This regression was introduced in 6.5.3.  (TN# 1224056)
  • SPR# CTOI68RDMH - Fixed an occasional crash in DIIOP under heavy loads when there is an off by one condition during recycling events.  This means that the actual number of objects that need to be recycled does not match the count we maintain.  (TN# 1196707)  
  • SPR# JPAI5L9HH2 - This fix prevents the error "NSF monitor pool is full" when clients do not connect to the server to retrieve subscription events that have been generated for them.  You can determine which clients are registering subscriptions with the Notes.ini parameter DEBUG_MONITOR=8192.  (TN# 1159220)  
  • SPR# CCAY5UBN2B - Fixed a Server panic with the following error, "Panic: Assert(IsNullBBLOCK(dbdir->UpdateLinks.prev))".  This was a problem with dbdirman not protecting the update queue.  This is a subtle timing condition where 2 dbdirman queue entries collided and one overwrote the other, and has been fixed.  (TN# 1157534)  
  • SPR# CMAS6EATAD - Fixed a MIME to CD conversion crash due to bad GIF images.  The workaround for Domino servers is to set the person doc for "Keep in senders' format" or "Prefers MIME" instead of "Prefers Notes Rich Text".  Also, it has been mentioned that on RIM Blackberry server's, conversion of MIME->CD occurs and there is no option to prevent this.  To ensure this case is covered, you can rename or delete the NIGIF.DLL.   It's only used to convert GIF images to Notes Bitmaps.  When it's missing, the images are attached.  (TN# 1247835)  
  • +SPR# GLAS6M3NSM - Prior to this fix, a repeat meeting chairperson did not receive an approval notice after the room/resource owner approved or denied a reservation request.  The room was not reserved, since the accept notification was dropped by the router and never processed.  This regression was introduced in 6.5.5.  (TN# 1237115)  
  • SPR# ADC6TET7N - In a low memory condition, allocvblock will return null which causes a problem for callers of osallocvblock.  This problem results in an nserver process crash and "PANIC: OSVBlockAddr: Bad VBlock handle (FFFF\0)" error.  Since this problem was fairly deep in the code, symptoms of this problem are fairly transient, other than the Panic error and can occur on a server process.  For example, we have customer reports for this in at least the nserver process and nreplica process.  (TN# 1249651)
  • SPR# TKIE3ZA457 - Fixed a problem which occurred if the sender of an email message included themselves on a memo sent/saved from a mail file replica which was not on their home server.  Before this fix, the saved message would appear in the inbox instead of the sent message.  This SPR was fixed in the client and server code.  (TN# 1084461, 1212595, 1234595)
  • SPR# ASCR6LVBZ6 - Prevent a crash caused by a corrupted entry in an internal table under low memory conditions.  (TN# 1230991)
  • +SPR# PPET6NQMES - Under certain circumstances, LDAP searches which rely on the FT Index may cause the Domino LDAP server to crash.  This regression was introduced in 6.5.4.  (TN# 1234657)
  • SPR# MLUR6P9TAT - Additional stats/events were added to track updates to the NAB.  Provided the ability to filter out clients that either directly or indirectly created activity on a directory database that would result in view rebuilds.  Those rebuiilds would have the side effect of causing a NAMELookup cache flush and creating a performance bottleneck on the server for all users.
  • SPR# RBRE6BLJQG - Fixed crashes in the NAMELookup cache due to queue corruption. (TN# 1256654)

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