Aggiornamenti di MS Explorer: che effetti hanno sui prodotti Lotus?

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Anche se in inglese ci teniamo a notificarvi questo articolo di IBM che vi può aiutare a comprendere quali effetti hanno avuto alcuni aggiornamenti del prodotto MS explorer nei confronti dei prodotti Lotus (in modo particolare di Domino Web Access).

Microsoft update KB912945 to Internet Explorer affects IBM Lotus software products

This note contains links (URLs) to technical support documents (technotes) related to Microsoft changes to the Internet Explorer browser, which affects IBM Lotus products relying on ActiveX controls. You are receiving this notification because you are a customer who has called us for technical support in the past year. If you do not wish to receive notifications like this one on other topics in the future, please reply to this email and change the Subject field to: unsubscribe , e.g. unsubscribe user@company.domain. This is a special mailing separate from regular Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) mailings to address problems specifically related to this Microsoft change.

Internet Explorer update affects IBM Lotus software products

This note is to alert you to changes in product behavior you may experience with IBM Lotus software after applying Microsoft Internet Explorer Update KB912945
The update, currently optional, will change Internet Explorer behavior to require extra end user actions to use certain Java applets and ActiveX controls in web pages. If these applets and controls are loaded directly in the page, user actions in them don't work until they are "activated" by an extra click or keystroke. The message to do that is temporary hover text which may be overlooked or not understood by the end user.

The change affects a number of very widely used products, including various IBM Lotus products that surface content through Internet Explorer. The common symptom is to see messages "Click to activate and use this control" or "Press SPACEBAR or ENTER to activate and use this control" when the cursor is moved into the area of the web page managed by the affected applets and controls. Details of the impact are contained in the following technotes for Domino, Domino Web Access, Quickplace and Sametime, respectively.

Title: Internet Explorer update KB912945 requires extra user actions in Domino applications

Title: After applying Microsoft patch KB912945, certain DWA actions require extra click: 'Click to enable and use this control'

Title: QuickPlace: Internet Explorer software update KB912945 disables ActiveX Controls by default

Title: Internet Explorer update KB912945 requires extra user actions in Sametime Meeting Room Client and Java Connect
As referenced in the first technote above, IBM Lotus Domino will make a change in Domino 6.5.5 FP1 and Domino 7.0.1 FP1 to avoid the issues caused by the new Internet Explorer update for most Domino customer applications. See the Domino Technote 1234162 above for details, and use this developerWorks site to track the release of these Fix Packs (FP):

While currently optional, Microsoft will include update KB 912945 on April 11th 2006 in a cumulative security update for Internet Explorer. Users may install it without realizing they have changed the behavior of their applications. Update KB912945 is a non-security update for Windows, and Microsoft will also release an optional Compatibility Patch which will restore previous Internet Explorer behavior until the next cumulative security update in June, 2006. See Microsoft Security Advisory 912945 for the most current schedule details:

The following options are available to avoid the impact on IBM Lotus products from Microsoft Internet Explorer Update KB912945:

  • Remove update KB912945, using the "Add/Remove Programs" option in the Windows Control Panel, remembering to check the "Show updates" box.
  • Prevent application of optional update KB912945, if you have control over desktop software installations.
  • After application of the April cumulative security update, apply the upcoming Microsoft Compatibility Patch to Internet Explorer
  • Research and modify your own applications that may also be affected by the imminent change to Internet Explorer. Details on how to rewrite your HTML to load the control or applet to be initially active are in this Microsoft document
  • Use another supported web browser to access the affected web pages, thereby avoiding the changes to ActiveX controls.

General Self-Help Resources

Here are some ways that you can access IBM Lotus general self-help support information on the Web:

1. Register for My Support, which allows you to build a custom portal of support information and to subscribe to email notifications:
(This is a great service! Tens of thousands of subscribers have already signed up).
(Please consider subscribing to alerts for new content about the product you work with). to learn more.

2. Visit the IBM Lotus Notes and Lotus Domino product support pages at: [Lotus Notes] [Lotus Domino] [Lotus Domino Web Access] [Lotus Quickplace] [Lotus Sametime]

3. Determine what problems are fixed in each release by viewing the IBM Lotus Fix List databases: [Lotus Notes/Domino] [Lotus Sametime]

4. Subscribe to the Lotus support RSS feeds: [Lotus Notes] [Lotus Domino] [Lotus Domino Web Access] [Lotus Quickplace] [Lotus Sametime]
For help with RSS and for links to all the Lotus software RSS feeds, visit: [All Lotus products]

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  • #1 mere 10/08/2007 6:40:29 PM

    mitico.. grazie per la segnalazione

  • #2 marco.strada 10/03/2007 10:41:07 AM

    Ad oggi ho trovato un altro aggiornamento Windows che dà fastidio agli activex del Domino Web Acces 6.x : KB937143

    Disinstallato e tutto OK.

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