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In attesa del uscita della R7.0.1 (prevista per febbraio 2006) ecco uscire l'ultima Release della R6.5.x. Ovvaimente è disponibile solo la versione in Inglese per ora

Notes/Domino 6.5.5 Maintenance Release (MR)
Notes/Domino 6.5.5 is our 5th Maintenance Release on top of 6.5.  Notes/Domino Release 6.5.5 of IBM Lotus Domino is designed, tested, and supported across the 6.5.1 extended product family.  The extended product family includes:
Lotus Instant Messaging (Sametime®)
Lotus Web Conferencing (Sametime)
Lotus Team Workplace (QuickPlace™)
Lotus Domino Document Manager (Domino.Doc®)
Lotus Workflow™
Lotus Workplace Web Content Management

We have fixed approximately 1500 bugs in Notes/Domino 6.5.5.  The following is a list of the Top 20 problems fixed in this MR.  This list was compiled to identify the problems that most significantly impact our customers.  We measure the SPR's by Severity level, number of hotfixes given out, number of customers reporting the problem and business impact to customers.  This criteria helps us identify the most important issues impacting our customers.

1.  There are 6 fixes below with a plus symbol (+) before the SPR number.  This symbol indicates fixes for regression bugs.  A regression bug is a bug that was introduced in a Maintenance Release that did not exist in previous releases of that code stream.  For example, a bug that appears in R6.5.5 but did not exist in R6.5.3 is a regression.
2.  Technote Numbers are displayed in parenthesis following the fix description.

IBM Lotus Domino Web Access:
  • +LinkSPR# IMAO66SNQF - Fixed a problem where Word Wrapping was not working correctly.  Words were cutoff on the right side and printed on the next line.  This regression was introduced in 6.5.2.   [TN # 1196300]
  • +LinkSPR# YPHG6CQFP8 - Fixed a problem where attachments in DBCS could not be deleted when forwarding mail.  This regression was introduced in 6.5.4.[TN # 1211518]  
  • LinkSPR# AKLG5N2GSZ - When two or more files of the same file type and file name were attached to a mail message and sent via SMTP, the iNotes Web Access user received the first attachment, but additional attachments were received as mime001.txt files.  When sent via NRPC, the files are named ATTxxxx.  [TN # 1084216]  

  • Link SPR# JPAS6ALJQE - Fixed a problem where the NIF pool ran out of memory.  Users were not able to connect and received the error message "Insufficient memory - index pool is full".  [TN # 1202639]  
  • LinkSPR# LOMI6AALJV - Fixed an intermittent Domino Server crash which occurred when an iNotes for Web Access user attempted to enable the Out of Office agent.  The server reports an Insufficient Memory error message when it crashes.  [TN # 1214762]  
  • +LinkSPR# SVRO6BMU2V - Attachments were losing their icon in release 6.5.4.  Sometimes a windows getfileinfo function truncates the path string we pass to it, so they don't have the filename to correctly get the icon.  We now strip out the full path and just give windows the filename.  If it is truncated, we go back the old way of doing it.  This regression was introduced in 6.5.4.  [TN # 1204429]
  • LinkSPR# JCHS6CBJZY - Numerous temporary files named IDxxxxx.DTF, used to store profile document control data, were not cleaned up by Domino at startup and/or shutdown.  This caused a panic error "insufficient semaphores handle number of concurrent own critical regions".  The problem was generated by a corrupted Notes database that had file access Read-Only at the OS level.  
  • LinkSPR# CCAY64CR5S - Fixed an intermittent "Network operation did not complete in a reasonable amount of time; please retry." error case.  Users could successfully retry the operation after the error message was displayed.  Customers have reported that this problem sometimes occurred after they were inactive for a longer period of time (30 minutes or more) and they went to open a database on a server.  [TN # 1206933]  
  • LinkSPR# RGET6BUURE - Fixed a crash caused by a problem in auto-recovery.
  • +LinkSPR# KYOE6B9929 - Fixed a problem where mail in the trash folder was removed after reopening a mail database.  The problem is that if a new mail database is created, the amount of time that the soft deletes are retained is set to 0.  So, if a user deletes a message, then closes and reopens their mail, the soft deleted message will be deleted from the Trash.  The problem will always occur.  Previously created mail databases will not exhibit this problem.  As a workaround, the user can manually change their soft delete expire time in their database properties, which will overwrite the initial setting in the database."  This regression was introduced in 6.5.3 FP1.  [TN # 1206090]  
  • LinkSPR# PMOL5B8TX7 - Fixed a truncation problem when attempting to print or preview a calendar entry.  Some of the information on the right side of the document may be truncated.  Please note:  this problem is fixed only when printing in an opened document in READ mode.  It does not fix the problem when the  document is in Edit mode or when printing from a view.    A workaround to this problem might be to print in Landscape orientation instead of Portrait, or to modify the table margin settings.  See the Technote for more details.  [TN # 1153988]
  • LinkSPR# NORK65PNF3 - When moving from Domino 5.x to 6.x, the HTTP thread management model was changed.  With the 5.x model, each thread managed one request at a time.  In 6.x, the model was changed so that each thread could have a queue of requests.  With this change in 6.5.4 FP1, and 6.5.5, we are allowing the option to change how threads process HTTP connections.  The original R5.x model or R6.x queue of requests model can be selected.  Use the following Notes.ini settings for these changes: HTTPQueueMethod=0 - This setting is the default, and represents no change in queueing from the R6.0 and above. The accept thread will evenly distributed network connections to all worker threads using a round robin method. Connections are assigned to a specific thread.  HTTPQueueMethod=1 - This setting will cause the accept thread to find the worker thread that has the least number of network connections assigned to it and assign the new network connection to that worker thread. It is still possible that a new network connection may be assigned to a thread that is in the process of processing a long running request. It is recommended but not required that persistent connections are disabled when using this option to get the maximum effect. This will limit the possible wait time if a new network connection is queued to a thread that already is busy with other connections(s) HTTPQueueMethod=2 - This setting will cause the accept thread to put the incoming network connections on a queue from with the worker threads will pull from. This is the same model as R5. It is also recommend but not required that persistent connections be disabled when using this option to get the maximum effect.  In general the best method to use will depend on the nature of applications running on the server. If the mix of URL requests presented to the server run very quickly then option 0 or 1 will be the best option. Option 1 performs a little better then option 0 but at a slightly higher CPU cost so if URL requests are CPU bound then option 1 may actually slow overall through put of the server.  The slowest option is option 2 with regard to overall server throughput, however if the mix of URL requests include very long running requests such as large uploads/downloads or URLs that run application code the this may be the best option for the customer.  [TN # 1201715]
  • +LinkSPR# ASCR68ZRZ6 - When the Administration Process checks disk space for a new replica, it might match the wrong physical directory statistics and thus the wrong disk when deciding which disk a new replica should reside on.  For example, if the 'mail' directory is on a different drive from the 'domino data' directory,  Adminp might choose the 'domino data' directory (back one directory from mail).  It would then use those drive statistics (the wrong drive) when testing for enough disk space.  This was based on physical drive layout on the machine or drive search data.  With this fix, Adminp will match only the correct physical drive statistics.  This regression was introduced in 6.0.4.  Refer to SPR# RCAR6DDLY4 for a similar problem where the statistics used for the drive that will hold the new replica were formatted in scientific notation and could not be correctly converted by Adminp.  [TN # 1196823]
  • LinkSPR# JPIU68LQKN - Fixed a router crash caused by a document with a bad attachment in it when the router attempted to send that document out via SMTP.  [TN # 1208673]  
  • LinkSPR# LBRD6562KG - Failure to map in shared memory will no longer cause a server crash.
  • LinkSPR# HLEZ65HMWM - Prior to this fix, database corruption in the Hash Table caused a Server Crash when fixup was run.  This was an intermittent issue that would only occur with a database that had this type of corruption.  There were no error messages.  [TN # 1200675]
  • LinkSPR# JNON6B2QWG - This fix prevents an intermittent session hang on Solaris.  A workaround to this problem is to reboot the Domino server to free the session.    [TN # 1205038]  
  • LinkSPR# TMIZ63JAPB - Fixed a problem where the router was unable to resolve a user in the address book.  Namelookup from the Notes client worked fine for this user, but mail was not delivered since the mechanism the router used to resolve the name used a different search mechanism.  This search mechanism is now fixed and the names should resolve to allow mail delivery.  [TN # 1178246]
  • +LinkSPR# HTAA64S484 - Fix for a crash which occurs after receiving a new mail message while closing the database.  This regression was introduced in 6.5.2.
  • LinkSPR# RBEO639H7Q - Better recovery from transient low memory conditions.  The port driver code which mapped port and platform specific network errors into common Notes/Domino error codes assumed that all network data structures were available.  If the network operation failed due to low memory conditions, then some data structures were not available and a crash resulted.  Fix is to check that all data structures are available before they are accessed.  [TN # 1209102]

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  • #1 Claudio 01/13/2006 8:25:39 AM

    Global workbanch... quello per le traduzione??... ma cos'è??.. scusa... ma non ho capito la tua questione..

  • #2 de12261 01/12/2006 1:08:03 PM


    ma il domino global workbench (quello per le traduzioni) lo aggiornano o no?

    in che pacchetto è?


  • #3 Umberto 01/11/2006 8:39:28 AM

    Grazie Claudio


  • #4 Claudio 01/11/2006 8:29:33 AM

    sorry... i Language Pack non sono sncora usciti.... ho letto che parlavano di Marzo per la 6.5.5

  • #5 Umberto 01/11/2006 8:20:51 AM

    Qualcuno sa dirmi se sono già disponibili i language pack per la versione 6.5.5 ed eventualmente da dove scaricarli ?



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