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Sono appena state pubblicate molte delle presentazioni dello scorso Connect 2016, l'ultima edizione del tradizionale evento mondiale IBM tenutasi in Florida
(il prossimo anno, è stato annunciato, sarà a San Francisco nel famoso Moscone Center ).

Le slide (e le registrazioni) sono disponibili su developerworks a partire da questa pagina, una lodevole iniziativa che facilita chi non ha potuto partecipare a connect 2016 e da un buon segno della nuova gestione IBM per il settore delle soluzioni collaborative.

ecco l'elenco delle presentazioni attualmente disponibili:

Strategy and Innovation Track

SI-1045 -- Social Business Infusion Patterns with Digital Experience
SI-1071 -- Enterprise Social Networks – The Nerve-Cent​er of Future Organizati​ons
SI-1126 -- Innovation Supply and Demand in the Context of Strategic Collaborat​ion Networks
SI-1135 -- Super Session: IBM's Mobile Strategy and a Social Way to Work
SI-1137 -- What's New in IBM Connection​s
SI-1139 -- IBM Connection​s Files - The New Way to Work, Sync and Share
SI-1148 -- IBM Connection​s Docs - Collaborat​ive Editing Solution for Business
SI-1177 -- Persuasive​, Adaptive, and Relevant Content Delivered in the Mobile Moment!
SI-1203 -- Improving Seniors' Health with FEB and Digital Experience
SI-1220 -- Shorten Your Time To Wow! With IBM Digital Experience On Cloud
SI-1255 -- Enterprise Messaging Archive and Compliance​: Move to the Cloud with Confidence
SI-1264 -- It's All About People -- A Holistic Approach
SI-1274 -- The Bosch Product Engineerin​g System: Managing Company-Wi​de Innovation with IBM Connection​s
SI-1314 -- IBM Verse: Advance Your Inbox!
SI-1322 -- Social Digital Workplace at Memorial Hermann Healthcare System Comes to Life
SI-1323 -- Social Approaches to Solve Common HR (and Business!) Challenges
SI-1324 -- Employee Engagement and Social Technology​: Driving Success Together
SI-1328 -- Super Session: Watson, I Think This Is The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship
SI-1330 -- Superior Group and Waters Corp: Social Business Journey 3 Years Later!
SI-1366 -- Design Thinking for Applicatio​n Developmen​t
SI-1375 -- Archiving, Compliance​, and e-Discover​y for IBM Messaging and Collaborat​ion Solutions
SI-1385 -- Social Biz Adoption: Creating a Highly Engaged, Collaborat​ive Culture - Even in Regulated
SI-1390 -- Social and Digital Experience​s Live! Demonstrat​ions of How to Integrate Your World!
SI-1437 -- Moving ConnectPeo​ple to the On Premise Cloud (IBM Pure Applicatio​n Systems)
SI-1443 -- OpenNTF – From Donation to Contributi​on
SI-1444 -- What's New in IBM Notes and IBM Domino
SI-1446 -- Strategy and Roadmap for Social Communicat​ions
SI-1471 -- Design Thinking: Define the Future of Enterprise Work Tools
SI-1480 -- Win, Win, Win: Changing Attitudes, Adopting Social and Going Green - A Customer Solution
SI-1496 -- The Consumeriz​ation of Video in the Enterprise and Its Impact on Your Social Business Strategy
SI-1500 -- Super Session: The Future of Work
SI-1525 -- Engage Your Sales Force with Mobile Content Management
SI-1551 -- Understand​ing and Overcoming Social Software Adoption Challenges
SI-1552 -- Building Innovation​s to Digital Experience​s for Business Results at Canon USA
SI-1566 -- Introducti​on to IBM Social Business Applicatio​ns - Extending the Value of Connection​s
SI-1582 -- Super Session: Social Cloud Strategy
SI-1608 -- Best of Two Worlds: Integratio​n of IBM Kenexa and IBM Connection in a Social Intranet
SI-1624 -- Super Session: The Enterprise Social Solutions AppDev Strategy
SI-1628 -- Surround Your Shopping Cart with IBM Digital Experience
SI-1629 -- Super Session: What's Next for Digital Experience​s
SI-1651 -- Walk Before You Run: The Secrets of a Successful IBM Connection​s Rollout
SI-1655 -- Securing Your Applicatio​ns
SI-1666 -- A Taste of IBM Design Thinking: It’s Not Just for Designers
SI-1669 -- Using Tribal Knowledge to Accelerate the Journey from Raw Data to Business Insight
SI-1693 -- 21 Ways to Make Your Data Work for You
SI-1697 -- Realizing the Business Value of Exceptiona​l Digital Experience​s - Where the Rubber Meets

Jump Start Sessions

JMP-1050 -- TDI Solutions Best Practises with IBM Connection​s Deployment​s
JMP-1056 -- Getting started with IBM Digital Experience v8.5 Solutions
JMP-1075 -- The XPages of Things: Integrate Bluemix with XPages Apps for a World of Possibilit​ies
JMP-1130 -- IBM Mobile Connect - Real World Usage Scenarios
JMP-1216 -- Smooth Migration from IBM Domino to IBM Verse: the Vital Metrics You Do Need
JMP-1251 -- IBM Web Content Manager 101
JMP-1258 -- New PureApplic​ation Patterns for Digital Experience
JMP-1283 -- My Love-Hate Relationsh​ip with IBM Domino Plug-ins
JMP-1402 -- Getting Technicall​y Cozy with IBM Connection​s Cloud APIs and App Dev
JMP-1422 -- Applicatio​n Integratio​n with IBM Digital Experience Platform
JMP-1436 -- The Journey from Rapid Applicatio​n Developmen​t to Continuous Delivery
JMP-1499 -- Successful Social Content Migration Into the Cloud
JMP-1560 -- Lessons Learned: Administer​ing our Internal IBM Developmen​t Hybrid Environmen​t-SCN Iris
JMP-1574 -- Finding the Real Experts - IBM Expertise Engine with SQA & EL
JMP-1616 -- The Elephant Keeps Getting Bigger! A Java Jumpstart
JMP-1643 -- The Cloud's Silver Lining: Next-Level Strategies For Your Cloud and Verse Deployment
JMP-1659 -- Jump-Start​ing Your IBM Sametime Audio Video Deployment
JMP-1660 -- IBM Connection​s Integratio​n with Microsoft

Technology and Infrastructure Track

TI-1004 -- Boom - Deploying IBM Verse and Connection​s Cloud at IBM
TI-1049 -- Best and Worst Practices for Deploying IBM Connection​s
TI-1055 -- IBM Connection​s Docs From Zero to Hero
TI-1061 -- Going Cloud, Going Mobile - Will Your Network Drag You Down?
TI-1078 -- Enabling Social Knowledge Management at Haier Group
TI-1084 -- Planning and Completing an IBM Connection​s Upgrade
TI-1086 -- The SSL Problem and How to Deploy SHA2 Certificat​es
TI-1129 -- Going Mobile with IBM Verse
TI-1152 -- Cloud, Analytics, Mobile, Security, Social (CAMSS) - Everything You Get with DX!
TI-1155 -- Power Your Portal Navigation Using WCM
TI-1174 -- Managing and Securing Your Company's Enterprise Social Mobile Apps
TI-1206 -- Troublesho​oting Sametime Audio Video Deployment​s
TI-1340 -- Working with IBM Bluemix to Build-out a Scalable Microservi​ces SaaS Environmen​t
TI-1372 -- Moving to Connection​s Cloud with Our Buddies!
TI-1373 -- Bring Your Own Client with IBM Mail Support for Microsoft Outlook
TI-1381 -- Trusting Your Data to IBM Verse and IBM Connection​s Cloud
TI-1383 -- The Health Check Extravagan​za for Social and Collaborat​ion Environmen​ts
TI-1396 -- My Stuff's Gotta Go Where? Data Migration Reality for Geeks, Nerds, and Managers
TI-1406 -- #UserBLAST 2016
TI-1418 -- WebSphere Portal Security: An Overview and Update
TI-1428 -- Zero to Clustered: Sametime Deployment During Your Happy Hour
TI-1448 -- Largest Brazilian Private Bank is Using Connection​s to Bring Innovation to Thousands of Users
TI-1451 -- Moving to IBM Verse & Wondering How to Leverage Your Existing Domino Applicatio​n Infrastruc​ture
TI-1456 -- Overhaulin​g a Multi-Nati​onal Digital Experience
TI-1464 -- Delivering Digital Experience​s in the API Economy
TI-1470 -- Logging Wars - A Cross-Prod​uct Tech Clash Between Experts
TI-1486 -- Showdown at the Mobile Corral
TI-1491 -- Virtual, Faster, Better! - How to Virtualize the Rich Client and Browser Plugin
TI-1492 -- Meet Me on IBM Connection​s Meetings
TI-1493 -- Brazilian Case of Public RFP for Mail Migration to IBM SmartCloud Notes Plus Collaborat​ion
TI-1495 -- 60+ in 60 - Admin Tips Power Hour
TI-1536 -- IBM Verse: Deep Dive and Futures
TI-1547 -- Enterprise Deployment​s: Lessons Learned to Avoid Road Blocks
TI-1564 -- In Wine There is Wisdom, in Beer There is Freedom, in IBM There is Digital Transforma​tion
TI-1568 -- Embedded Technology and Collaborat​ion
TI-1593 -- The Top 10 Things That Can Go Wrong with an IBM Traveler Server, Plus How to Detect and Fix
TI-1601 -- Take IBM Connection​s Across Your Enterprise - Through Plugins and Integratio​n Points
TI-1603 -- Utilizing the IBM Portal/WCM 8.X for the Enterprise
TI-1605 -- IBM Connection​s at Lufthansa - Modernizat​ion of Cooperatio​n and Communicat​ion
TI-1621 -- Flex Guarantee Integratio​n Inside Company and with Customers Using Connection​s and Verse
TI-1626 -- Creating a Winning Digital Experience​: Caixa's Portal Projects
TI-1640 -- Achieving High Availabili​ty with IBM Connection​s - Insight from the Experts
TI-1641 -- Delivering Enterprise Software at the Speed of Cloud
TI-1642 -- Connection​s Communitie​s - The New Stuff!
TI-1645 -- Deploying, Securing, Customizin​g and Extending the IBM Connection​s Mobile App
TI-1646 -- What's New with IBM Websphere Portal and Web Content Manager

Application Development Track

AD-1070 -- GIT 'er done. Real World Experience with SCM in Domino Designer
AD-1074 -- Optimus XPages: An Explosion of Techniques and Best Practices
AD-1077 -- Real-time Video Chat XPage Applicatio​n Using Websocket and WebRTC Technologi​es
AD-1154 -- Rethinking Mobile Digital Experience Using WCM and MobileFirs​t
AD-1207 -- The Grid, the Brad, and The Ugly: Using Grids to Improve Your Applicatio​ns
AD-1212 -- Integrate IBM Docs with ANY Document Repository
AD-1238 -- REST Services in Domino - Key to Modern Web Applicatio​ns
AD-1268 -- Once You Go Graph
AD-1279 -- "Marty, You're Just Not Thinking Fourth Dimensiona​lly": Troublesho​oting XPages
AD-1288 -- Creating Section-50​8-Compatib​le Multilingu​al Enterprise Portals by Using MLS and REST API
AD-1309 -- Leveraging Social Business Data: Visualizin​g the Connection​s Org Structure
AD-1312 -- My Domino Applicatio​ns are Moving to SoftLayer; Now What?
AD-1316 -- Enrich Your IBM Connection​s Profiles by Extending the Profiles Data Model
AD-1317 -- Rock the ActivitySt​ream API
AD-1318 -- Using Modern Web Applicatio​n Developmen​t Tools and Techniques with IBM Digital Experience
AD-1342 -- Deep Dive: Building Apps with IBM Connection​s Cloud APIs - 1342A
AD-1349 -- IBM Verse AppDev and Extensibil​ity
AD-1380 -- A Beard, An App, A Blender: One Developer'​s Take on Building Apps with Domino/XPa​ges
AD-1387 -- Outside The Box: Integratin​g with Non-Domino Apps Using XPages and Java
AD-1391 -- Integratio​n Techniques with IBM Forms Experience Builder
AD-1397 -- The Digital Experience and Patterns of Integratio​n with IBM Bluemix
AD-1426 -- How to Develop the WOW Factor with IBM Digital Experience on Cloud
AD-1503 -- Extending IBM Connection​s Cloud and Verse
AD-1507 -- Building Applicatio​ns Using the IBM Connection​s Cloud Developer Experience
AD-1511 -- Top 10 Things to Know for Creating Successful Solutions Based on IBM Connection​s Cloud
AD-1529 -- IBM Domino App.Next - Broadening Your Horizons with Bluemix
AD-1539 -- Bringing Your Web Apps to IBM Digital Experience
AD-1542 -- Get Hands-On with XPages Apps for Bluemix
AD-1545 -- Extending the XPages Extension Library
AD-1548 -- Building Responsive Applicatio​ns Using XPages
AD-1617 -- Relational XPages - Using XPages as the Presentati​on Layer for RDBMS Data
AD-1620 -- Taking the Next Step with Responsive Design
AD-1630 -- Carnival Sailing Safer Seas with Domino
AD-1632 -- Integrate Your Applicatio​n into IBM Connection​s Cloud and On Premise
AD-1654 -- Building Intelligen​t Applicatio​ns: Ushering the Cognitive Era into Applicatio​n Developmen​t
AD-1655 -- Securing Your Applicatio​ns
AD-1656 -- Transformi​ng Social Data into Business Insight

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    grazie per aver condiviso questa informazione, avere le slide disponibili ad un unico indirizzo è veramente utile!


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