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I have developed this class to present statistical data in visual form (as graphs) and send them to some people automatically.

You can create 256-color images on-the-fly from within Notes, attach or embedd the images to HTML/MIME documents and send them to other people. This is not a "Paint" application, there is no way of interaction. This is a class to create images by Lotos script e.g. from an agent.

- 256 color images, Websafe palette predefined
- Color palette can be modified
- SetPixel, Line, LineTo, Circle, Ellipse, FloodFill
- Scalable vector-based text
- Output as NotesStrem will allow you to ...
..... Export image as GIF (compressed and uncompressed)
..... Export image as BMP (uncompressed)
..... Embedd or attach images to MIME messages
- Transparency (GIF)

- 256 color images only (GIF and BMP)
- Only one global color palette per image (GIF)
- No support for animated GIF
- No image import
- R6 only
- HTML / MIME messages will not be rendered correctly by Notes 5 clients

Because everything is coded in LS, this class should run on all supported platforms. However LS is not as fast as external libraries.
The performance on writing the data to the stream - esp. for the GIF methods - is slow because the code for LZW compression is not optimized for speed but for functionality and readability.
I had some troubles writing non ASCII characters into a stream, therefore some Char-to-Byte conversion was needed will slow it down.

To embedd images to HTML/MIME mails you should have some basic knowledge on HTML and creating MIME messages.... or have a look to the examples included

Comments / enhancements welcome.


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    haha bravi

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