Disponibile Fix Pack 1 per Lotus Symphony 3

Symphony 3 Lotus fp1

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Rilasciato da qualche giorno il fix pack 1 per Lotus Symphony 3: si tratta di un fix pack stand-alone che contien diversi fix, in particolare a miglioramento della compatibilità con ms office.
Il pacchetto si scarica qui mentre qui si trovano le note di rilascio.

Image:Disponibile Fix Pack 1 per Lotus Symphony 3

Di seguito, i fix principali:

Symphony Forum
  • Open a file in Lotus Symphony Presentations, the slides in slide thumbnails are poorly rendered.
  • In Lotus Symphony Spreadsheets, the source cells start with space, but validity cell options do not start with space.
  • Cannot copy images from preview to Lotus Symphony.
  • When opening a *.txt file in Lotus Symphony, the file is displayed in Lotus Symphony Spreadsheets, not in Lotus Symphony Documents.
  • When opening a file that contains complex images in Lotus Symphony Presentations, Lotus Symphony crashes in the process of image rendering.
  • When a font with ligatures is used in a document and the document is exported to PDF, the second letter of the ligature is dropped from the file.
Lotus Symphony Documents
  • If a Microsoft Word file contains a table that is positioned in a paragraph with spacing set as Auto, the table cannot display when the file is opened in Lotus Symphony Documents.
  • The connectors are not supported well in Lotus Symphony Documents.
  • In Lotus Symphony 3, open a document containing a Table of Contents (TOC) that was created by Lotus Symphony 1.3, update the TOC, and save the file. When the file is reopened in Lotus Symphony 3 the TOC displays incorrectly.
  • If a document contains text with numbering or bullet style and Tools > Reviewing > Record is enabled, changing the text with reviewing records to Heading 1 or Heading 2, Lotus Symphony crashes when pressing the Down arrows keys.
  • When some Microsoft Word sample files are opened in Lotus Symphony Documents, the nested tables are not displayed correctly.
  • If a WMF graphic has embedded EMF, the graphic cannot display correctly in Lotus Symphony Documents.
Lotus Symphony Presentations
  • Create a table in Lotus Symphony Presentations, input text in one cell, and make sure the text is wrapped in cell. Exit the edit mode, click the Undo button and then the Redo button, the height of the cell is changed.
  • After opening some sample PowerPoint files in Lotus Symphony Presentations, the text animation is not played correctly.
  • Open a Microsoft PowerPoint file in Lotus Symphony, save it to another file with the same format, then open the newly saved file in Lotus Symphony, the 3D extrusion direction is lost.
  • Make some modifications to a file in Lotus Symphony Presentations, press F5 key to play screen show without saving the file. Press Alt+Tab to switch to the document window, click the Close button, the file cannot be closed.
  • When opening a MS PowerPoint file in Lotus Symphony Presentations, the border of the OLE object becomes thicker when viewed in screen show mode.
  • In Master View of Lotus Symphony Presentations, click the Indent button or press Tab for outline 1, and then customize the bullets or numbering, Lotus Symphony freezes.
  • The data order is reversed or incorrect when playing a presentation that is created in Lotus Symphony 1.3.
  • In Lotus Symphony Presentations, the table background changes to yellow when you input text.
  • In Lotus Symphony Presentations, shapes do not return to their original position after applying the Put on Brakes entrance effect.
  • An additional shape displays in the document after playing screen show if the option rewind when done playing is selected for the animation effect.
  • Vertical letters in VerticalText fontwork display horizontally when opening a Microsoft PowerPoint file that is saved by Lotus Symphony.
  • In Lotus Symphony Presentations, the speed of text animations with the same Increment setting is different.
  • In Lotus Symphony Presentations, the grouped graphic objects in slide show mode do not look like the original ones.
Lotus Symphony Spreadsheets
  • Open the sample Microsoft Excel file in Lotus Symphony Spreadsheets, change source data and refresh the DataPilot table, save the file to another file with the same format. Microsoft Excel crashes or has error when opening the newly saved file.
  • Open a Microsoft Excel file in Lotus Symphony Spreadsheets, the result of calculation returns "#REF" when the formula for the cell is GETPIVOTDATA.
  • Open the Microsoft Excel file in Lotus Symphony Spreadsheets. In the file, the GETPIVOTDATA formula is applied to a DataPilot table which has Subtotal and the Subtotal has additional empty rows with CONTINUE flag. When closing the file, Lotus Symphony crashes.
  • The fields of the DataPilot are lost after being saved in .xls format with password in Lotus Symphony Spreadsheets.
  • In Lotus Symphony Spreadsheets, when deleting comments caption objects by VBA macros, Lotus Symphony crashes.
  • Open a Microsoft Excel file in Lotus Symphony Spreadsheets, the user defined Date format is displayed as number format when grouping fields in DataPilot.
  • If WITH statement is used in VBA macros and there is no dot between WITH and END WITH, run time error occurs when running the macros in the sample Microsoft Excel file.
  • The formulas SUMIF and COUNTIF do not work with "<>*" in Lotus Symphony Spreadsheets.
  • When creating a column chart in Lotus Symphony Spreadsheets, the Data series in rows setting cannot be saved when there is only one data column.
  • In Louts Symphony Spreadsheets, the scale width for all text in a cell cannot be set after moving focus from the cell.

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