Disponibile Interim Fix 4 per Traveler 9.0.1

traveler fix pack 9.0.1

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Matteo Bisi, sempre attento e veloce, segnala la disponibilità dell'Interim Fix 4 per Traveler 9.0.1.

Tutte le informazioni sul rilascio le trovate nella pagina della wiki relativa a IF4 per Traveler, mentre qui trovate l'elenco dei fix, riportato come da tradizione, qui sotto:

APAR # Component Abstract
LO78645 Server Save and Security buttons are not enabled for Notes Traveler Web Administrator.
LO78732 Android Calendar entries may be missing in Agenda view after upgrading the client.
LO78762 Android Traveler client on Android may have connection issues if connected to a server.
LO78786 Server Line returns may be lost in Out Of Office message body.
LO78825 Server Corporate lookup may not work from Android device if message headers altered by Network.
LO78876 Server Plain text mail with pre tag may format too small on mobile device.
LO78924 Server Send mail to all invitees from iNotes shows on Mobile device as a Prevent Copy mail.
LO78929 Android Contact search does not work on Samsung Galaxy S3 device.
LO78948 Server Duplicate mail sends may occur due to device resending with different identifier.
LO78965 Server Some attachments may not download to mobile device correctly.
LO78973 Server Slow sync performance due to DB threads growing and/or long running PS or DS threads.
LO78997 Server Personal contact group may interfere with personal contact sync.
LO79011 Server Workaround to prevent BB devices from re-syncing all data when syncing To Dos and Mail.
LO79012 Server Delivery failure on send mail from device if domain is found to be empty string.
LO79015 Server Unable to send encrypted mail from device if the recipient does not have internet address defined.
LO79041 Android Notes Traveler To Do widget only displays one item on Android 4.4 OS.
LO79070 Server Unable to forward a calendar entry with no description from Windows device.
LO79104 Server Mime format mail sent from device will be converted to Rich Text format.
LO79234 Server Passcode History setting is applied differently on Apple devices than other mobile devices.
LO79412 Server Long running PS thread on server due to invalid filter window stored in database.
LO79435 Server Encoded attachments will not download to BB or WP devices.
LO79465 Android Unable to view some folders on Android OS 4.4 devices.
LO79492 Server Re-accept meeting on iOS may remove the event from the device, server not effected.
LO79498 Server Mail send from device may be sent twice if experience time out or connection drop during send.
LO79499 Server Traveler server slow to start if IPv6 addresses specified on host.
LO79503 Server Traveler shut down hang due to orphaned thread, may result in Domino server crash.
LO79504 Server Support sync of embedded icons with WP and BB devices.
LO79516 Server Domino API crash if attachment name greater than 253 characters on 32 bit system.

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