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Disponibile da oggi il download del Fix Pack 2 della R 6.5.4. A questo link potete leggere le specifiche dei bug corretti e in questo documento l'elenco delle fix.

Eccco L'eneco delle Fix
Agents Exclamation Point Icon GPKS6C9J67 SPR# GPKS6C9J67 - Fixed a potential security issue.
Agents Exclamation Point Icon LPEE6DMQWJ SPR# LPEE6DMQWJ - Fixed an Agent Manager crash "PANIC: LookupHandle: handle out of range" which occurred when the Out Of Office agent processed a message where the recipient of the From field is greater than 256 Characters.
Agents Exclamation Point Icon LPEE6DMQWJ SPR# LPEE6DMQWJ - Fixed an Agent Manager crash "PANIC: LookupHandle: handle out of range" which occurred when the Out Of Office agent processed a message where the recipient of the From field is greater than 256 Characters.
Archive Exclamation Point Icon CSAH5YYHYZ SPR# CSAH5YYHYZ - The problem addressed with this SPR is that there was an error message that was claiming the replication only partially completed due to an error. The only error that is happening here is that we display the first error message. This issue was fixed by removing this error message "Partially replicated RcfMail/RcfDomain archive\a_admini.nsf (due to previously reported error)" because it wasn't applicable.
Archive Exclamation Point Icon JPAS6E2H3N SPR# JPAS6E2H3N - Fixed a crash when running Compact -a against a database with only a partial profile document. All databases are meant to have a profile doc. The document existed but was truncated.
Database Exclamation Point Icon JCHS6CBJZY SPR# JCHS6CBJZY - Numerous temporary files named IDxxxxx.DTF, used to store profile document control data, were not cleaned up by Domino at startup and/or shutdown. This caused a panic error "insufficient semaphores handle number of concurrent own critical regions". The problem was generated by a corrupted Notes database that had file access Read-Only at the OS level.
Database Exclamation Point Icon JPAI68KQUZ SPR# JPAI68KQUZ - With this fix, an error will be returned after purging on database open, only if both an error was returned and the database was marked corrupt.
Database Exclamation Point Icon KYOE6B9929 SPR# KYOE6B9929 - Fixed a problem where mail in the trash folder was removed after reopening a mail database. The problem is that if a new mail database is created, the amount of time that the soft deletes are retained is set to 0. So, if a user deletes a message, then closes and reopens their mail, the soft deleted message will be deleted from the Trash. The problem will always occur. Previously created mail databases will not exhibit this problem. As a workaround, the user can manually change their soft delete expire time in their database properties, which will overwrite the initial setting in the database." This regression was introduced in 6.5.3 FP1.
Database Exclamation Point Icon MALR6948NQ SPR# MALR6948NQ - Fixed a problem which causes a deadlock to occur in the buffer management component. There is a timing window when an unused temporary buffer is being evicted, where it gets reused. Once it is reused, the eviction code will wait forever, causing a deadlock. The fix is to close the timing window so that this no longer occurs.
Database Exclamation Point Icon MIAS6DMJUC SPR# MIAS6DMJUC - Fixed a panic, "OSBBlockAddr: Bad BBlock handle (FFFFFFFF)" caused by cluster replication.
Directory Services Exclamation Point Icon JPAI6ARFE5 SPR# JPAI6ARFE5 - This fix prevents the Domino Update task from crashing when processing a document in the Domino directory whose FullName value is greater than 256 characters. This regression was introduced in 6.5.4.
Directory Services Exclamation Point Icon WRAY65YQHK SPR# WRAY65YQHK - Fixed a Directory Catalog aggregation problem (CDC) if the fullname is not consistent with first/lastname. When CDC's are sorted by lastname, code would attempt to derive the First name by searching the Fullname field for the existence of the value in the "Lastname" field. This would be problematic if the lastname values differed in those two fields. Added code to use the value of the Firstname field if it exists. If no Firstname value exists, we will now try to derive the value to put in the view by searching the Fullname field for the "Lastname" field value AND/OR the "MiddleName" field value. If the Admin gives us NO Firstname value or Middlename value AND the "Lastname" value differs from the last name in the "Fullname" field, we will populate the "Users" view in the CDC with ONLY the Lastname value.
DSAPI Exclamation Point Icon SSAA63PKFD SPR# SSAA63PKFD - In previous versions of Domino, the post data was read by an application space directly from the network. At that point the post data was not available to any other application space. The fix is that we cache the post data as soon it is read, and made available to all application spaces if they need it.
Java Exclamation Point Icon DTEI6AYCCW SPR# DTEI6AYCCW - This fix is to ensure that a semaphore is released on termination. After calling a Web query Java agent, any subsequent call to the same or other Web agents hung the HTTP task. When you quit the Lotus Domino server or use the command 'tell http show thread state,' you notice the hanging HTTP requests. This regression was introduced in 6.5.2.
LotusScript Exclamation Point Icon JIMS654NHX SPR# JIMS654NHX - Fixed a problem with new databases created by agents. If the database had never been opened before then the first time the update task tried to refresh a view index in the new database it would generate an error: "err_invalid_btree ERROR: Invalid btree context signature".
Mail Server Exclamation Point Icon JPIU68LQKN SPR# JPIU68LQKN - Fixed a router crash caused by a document with a bad attachment in it when the router attempted to send that document out via SMTP.
Miscellaneous Exclamation Point Icon LVAE6DLJPL SPR# LVAE6DLJPL - Fixed an intermittent http server crash. The problem occurs because of a reference to an invalid http address.
Router Exclamation Point Icon JGAN6B6TZ3 SPR# JGAN6B6TZ3 - Fixed a potential security issue.
Security Exclamation Point Icon SFPN69ET56 SPR# SFPN69ET56 - Added the new Notes.ini variable (SSL_SESSION_SIZE) that can be used to set the default starting size of
elements in the SSL session resumption cache. Increasing the size of this variable will result in a lower incidence of elements being reallocated on the fly in order to hold large X.509 client certificates, but will also consume more memory.
Server Exclamation Point Icon CMCY63TSZ8 SPR# CMCY63TSZ8 - Fatal error in OSVBlockAddr when shared memory resources were low. This problem only occurred when running under a heavy server load.
Server Administration Exclamation Point Icon MLEE6CPKCM SPR# MLEE6CPKCM - The following error message will be displayed in the server console when the server panics, "PANIC: List Entry count in TEXT_LIST is invalid". The problem occurs if the server information data is much larger than a single network buffer. This problem only happens on Unix platform.
Serviceability Exclamation Point Icon GCHN69DJKQ SPR# GCHN69DJKQ - This fix will help service issues where the console traceback has not been able to show the functions involved and/or their parameters.
Serviceability Exclamation Point Icon HWAI66VB3V SPR# HWAI66VB3V - NSD takes a long time to run when there are many registered users. NSD gathers user info 8 users per function call, so systems with many users require a very long time for NSD to run. With this fix, the number of users per call has been increased.
Serviceability Exclamation Point Icon LBRD667KKV SPR# LBRD667KKV - Prior to this fix, when the Domino service started, the LSASS process spun up to at least 50 % cpu - and stayed there as long as the Domino service was operative.
Serviceability Exclamation Point Icon RGET6E2SLY SPR# RGET6E2SLY - Occasionally and for no apparent cause an error message "CTL block mutex Error" would appear in the NSD log file which is collected after a crash. The error made it seem as though the NSD data collection had failed, though in fact it hadn't. The fix removes the cause of this error, so as not to distract from the valid information that is contained in the NSD log.
Web Server Exclamation Point Icon JCHN69WJYV SPR# JCHN69WJYV - Fixed a crash in the HTWebSite::FindRule method. This crash would be caused if the customer had virtual web sites configured but no default web site.
Web Server Exclamation Point Icon NORK6FAQL8 SPR# NORK6FAQL8 - Fixed an HTTP authentication issue with LTPAtokens caused by DWA image caching.
Web Server Exclamation Point Icon WRAY69HLXK SPR# WRAY69HLXK - Fixed a problem where Domino 6.x running on Solaris 9 intermittently had problems when the server needed to access the keyfile when doing web SSL. Restarting the server or just HTTP sometimes resolved the problem. Domino changed permission's on keyring files when reading them. This could cause permissions issues when Domino was run as a service on Win NTFS.

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