Dominopoint Conference: #meetIT16 December 14 2016

dominopoint conference 2016 meetIT

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Hello everyone,
This 2016 has been a very challenging year for us of Dominopoint, but we finally managed to organize our much awaited conference for this year; the date is December 14, 2016.

We know, December is Christmas time and we think to anything else, our plans were different but we were disturbed by a series of external influences that we had to govern. If you want to be bored with details, feel free to ask anyone of the authors.

Since over 12 years Dominopoint is the reference IBM ICS community for Italy, with thousands of members, a continuous production of content and award-winning free autonomous conferences devoted to the IBM social sphere.

Dominopoint is not a company, it's a group of persons united by their passion for their work. Our commitment is totally unpaid and otherwise at the expense of the professional activity of the individual involved.
Why do we do it? Simple: pure passion and spirit of sharing.

That said, we have a novelty; a new name for our conference that from now on will be called

Image:Dominopoint Conference: #meetIT16 December 14 2016

The appointment is in Milan IBM Client Center to  December 14, 2016.

As always we have planned parallel tracks and and agenda that will be rich in technical content and with some roadmaps.

In addition to the contents about IBM ICS software - portfolio that includes Notes / Domino / Verse / Traveler / XPages / Connections / Sametime - there will be content about themes of great interest like bluemix, Softlayer, Watson, Mobile, cloud, IoT and so on.

We're finalizing the last burocratics aspects and shortly will appear online the website.

The campaign speakers and sponsors are officially open to everyone:

If you want to participate as a speaker, you can send an email to our email address putting object SPEAKER

If you want to participate as a sponsor in this initiative you can send an email to putting object SPONSOR

See you soon

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