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Davvero fantastico questo LINK....Ancora altri esempi di database che mettono in pratica efficaci soluzioni Notes spiegate in diversi articoli...Ecco spiegato in lingua originale le varie funzionalità!

Notes to XML, and Back Again -- This sample database, with its embedded LotusScript, shows how to export Notes documents as XML, and how to import XML as Notes documents. The fidelity of the import/export is very high, and this test bed allows you to try out the fidelity of any Notes construct (actions, buttons, links, pictures, tables, etc.) The download only works for Notes 6.0 or later.

Mail Merge from Notes to Microsoft Word -- Mail merge is one of the most frustrating topics for computer users. I have been asked countless times for a simple solution from Notes to Word. Here it is. This sample will export any set of fields, from any set of Notes documents, into an export file with any name. An accompanying Word file shows how to use the exported data. (This method also works unchanged for export from Notes to Excel.)

My Boss Is Worse Than Yours -- A "just for fun" Domino web application that demonstrates some useful design tips. Included are an online (anonymous) voting mechanism, control of browser window placement, web frameset design, and web view examples. The link above is for the live application. Here is the source file. (Before using the sample in a real application, reset the Default ACL so it matches the Anonymous ACL.)

Dynamic Subforms -- A sample database that demonstrates how to design dynamic subforms for a Notes/Domino application. The list of subforms used is controlled by simple setup parameters, and any subform can be turned on/off by fields in the active document.

R6 Upgrade Checklist  -- A Notes database that guides you through the process of upgrading Domino/Notes to R6. The database is easy to customize and expand, so it can be tailored to suit your process or used for any similar project.

Note: The above database is in R6 format. If you want it in R5 format, click here:
R6 Upgrade Checklist, v5 database format

HIPAA Security Audit Tool -- A Notes database that guides you through the process of completing a computer security audit for the HIPAA (healthcare) law.

DB Mover 2.3 -- A tool for moving databases from an old server onto a new, replacement server. DB Mover performs all of the tasks that you want in this situation, including creating a pointer from the old database to the new, setting the old database to be read-only, and changing the launch properties of the old database. New features (2.x) include the ability to move entire directories quickly and robust logging of each move.

Agent Installer -- A Notes database that can automatically install (and uninstall) agents to another database.

Passwords -- A Notes database that generates long, random passwords. These passwords are useful as initial passwords for new user accounts. They are so difficult to type that users will want to change them immediately, which is what you want them to do.


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    Dove posso trovare esempi di db notes da utilizzare?


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