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Domino 8.5.1 Traveler Nokia iPhone Fix BUG

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Il 14 Aprile è stata rilasciata la Fix 2 di Lotus traveler 8.5.1. la fix può essere scaricata da Fix Central a questo indirizzo:

Lotus Traveler Download

Di seguito la lista dei Bug risolti.

List of fixes included in

  • LO47693 - Some internet e-mail does not contain a body when synced to the device.
  • LO47897 - User unable to sync when primary mail server is down.
  • LO48022 - Apple device stops syncing after a period of time.
  • LO48141 - Server crashes with "Out of Memory" or "Insufficient Resources" message.
  • LO48318 - Server crashes with "Panic: Lookup handle out of range" message.
  • LO48342 - Missing E-mails when syncing all data.
  • LO48365 - Alias folder names show up Devices on new folders.
  • LO48534 - Traveler crashes with "Out of Memory" error message.
  • LO48598 - Reply notice from iPhone not recieved.
  • LO48594 - Server crashes with Nsave error message.
  • LO48637 - Apple device performs replace data sync when not needed.
  • LO48716 - Client gets port 8642 connection errors.
  • LO48830 - Auto sync fails due to case sensitivity in authentication key.
  • LO48958 - Nokia user recieved "connection error with server name port 80".
  • LO48966 - E-mail sent to external address does not have well formed reply address.
  • LO49001 - NullPointerException when writing to database.
  • LO49005 - Some holidays do not sync to device.
  • LO49051 - User syncing with backup server when primary available.
  • LO49057 - Unable to download client configuration file with Internet Exploer over SSL.
  • LO49125 - Syncing large amounts of data would sometimes prevent other users from syncing.
  • LO49133 - Null pointer exception on Domino console when accepting invitation from Apple Device.
  • LO49141 - Tell Traveler Security Delete command does not work if device is already deleted.
  • LO49212 - Unable to lookup Domino address book using "Names" as search string.
  • LO49527 - Backslash in username is removed when trying to install Apple profile.
  • LO49829 - Traveler crashes when processing an invitation if the internet address for a the user is null.
  • LO49840 - User can download an attachment on a prevent copy email.
  Windows Mobile
  • LO48239 - Some devices can not connect through Telia Proxy.
  • LO48064 - Client storing and using a NULL userid.
  • LO48243 - Power increase not acted upon.
  • LO49586 - Double quote in password does not work for Windows Mobile devices.
  Nokia s60
  • LO48351 - Nokia device will stop autosyncing after some time.
  • LO49258 - Some E71 devices unable to successfully install travler client.

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