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Avevamo trattato alcuni articoli riguardanti l'imminente uscita della versione Notes client per piattaforma linux. La versione 7.0.1 è già ufficialmente disponibile al download mediante l'accesso passport. Ci sono comunque alcune limitazioni di funzionamento. Eccovi l'elenco delle cose più importanti:

Image:Notes client 7.0.1 x Linux già disponibile

Come documentato nel Knowledge-Base di IBM ecco le caratteristiche della versione e le sue limitazioni (articolo 1242703):

Functionality & Performance

Integrated Instant Messaging is not provided with this release.

Java applets are not supported on Linux; however, Java agents are available.

There are no toolbars in the client; however, all options are available through the menu system.

It is not possible to configure the Default page.

Startup folder bookmarks are available, but not enabled.

Because Linux does not support OLE technology, object creation is not supported in this client.

The Lotus Notes Access for SAP solutions feature is not available in Notes for Linux.  This feature is available only on Windows 32-bit platforms.

In some cases, overall client operations may be slower in Notes for Linux as compared to Notes running on Windows.  For example, during client startup and some network activities.


The viewers for .sxi, .sxw, and .sxc files may not be presented correctly. Sometimes, files with these extensions can not be viewed, or may be presented incorrectly (for example, without pictures, tables, charts, etc.)  Open Office document viewing will display text only.

Problems with opening attachments with an application which is not in the default application list.  If the default application list does not contain the application desired, it will not be listed when the attachment is right-clicked and Open With is selected.

Creating an attachment triggers a warning dialog when the filename box is blank. If you leave the filename box blank when creating an attachment (File -> Attach), a warning dialog saying the "function is inappropriate for file system directories" will appear.  The workaround is to click OK and then re-attempt to attach a file, this time specifying a filename.

Editing an XLS attachment with graphics, then subsequently viewing it causes a crash.  Viewing or importing an attachment with a .xls file extension with graphics, which has been modified by Open Office, may cause a crash.

Selecting an attachment in a document, and dragging it through the border of the Notes client a few times will hang the application.


You cannot select paper sources, and color printing is not supported.

Java Applets

Inserting, importing, or displaying Java applets in rich text fields is not supported in this release.


The following fonts are required when using RedHat Enterprise Linux 4:

For CJK locales, the font 'ZYSong18030' is used as the system default font.  If users do not install this font, provided by the RedHat Enterprise Linux 4 installation package, certain text layouts may be problematic.  The detailed font information is below:

        FileName: zysong.ttf
       Font Name:
(c) Copyright ZhongYi Electronic Co., 2001

To achieve a stable display result, we recommend that all Notes users pre-install the 'Luxi Sans' font. Note that the 'Luxi Sans' font is generally available on almost all Linux platforms, and will usually be installed during Linux system installation.

Accelerator Keys

In Lotus Notes client for Windows, pressing Alt+E+D deselects any selected files in a view.  However, when using Notes within the Managed Client (either provisioned or with the Standalone Personality), Workplace causes pressing Alt+E+D+ENTER to delete any selected files in a view.  To deselect selected files while using Notes within the Managed Client, press Alt+E+D, and then press D again, followed by ENTER.


NOTE: The following are issues related to using agents with Notes for Linux.  Until these issues are fixed, the workaround and recommendation is that users create any desired agents using a Windows client.

Agent property dialog does not display when creating agent.  Open a mailbox, choose the menu option Create -> Agent, and the Agent properties infobox displays, but then disappears immediately.  This makes it very difficult to create an agent on the Linux system since, without access to the properties infobox, one cannot name the agent nor set when the agent is called.

Java agents are unable to create message box. No message boxes are available using Java agents.

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  • #1 Marco Zuffolato 08/23/2006 4:22:31 PM

    quando lancio il file di install và avanti fino all'accettazione delle condizioni poi dice che non è in grado di convalidare mozilla avete info per bypassare il problema?

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