Rilasciato Fix Pack 3 per Notes e Domino 8.5.2

notes domino 8.5.2 fp3 release

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Rilasciato ieri il fix pack 3 per Notes e Domino 8.5.2.
Come di consueto si tratta di un fix pack cumulativo ed indipendente dalla lingua installata, qui la lettera di rilascio e qui i link ai singoli pacchetti di installazione per il client ed i server nelle diverse piattaforme (nota: per chi ha anche Admin e Designer, va installato il pacchetto per il client Notes); Disponibile da subito su fix central, il fix pack 3 sarà disponibile su Passport Advantage intorno al 22 Luglio (non è previsto il rilascio su media fisici).

Diversti i fix di questo rilascio, in particolare si introduce il supporto iNotes per FF4 ed IE9 (UPDATE: pare che invece, come riportato nei commenti e nel forum ufficiale, il fixpack 3 abbia un baco proprio su iNotes; chi lo avesse già installato può, come fa notare Vittorio Foschi, disinstallarlo in attesa della fix.  ) oltre che una serie di bachi e regressioni:


These fixes apply to the Basic Client only:
  • +SPR# YPHG89CDU5 - Fix resolves issues where Notes may hang or open very slowly when opening views that contains long DBCS strings. Regression in 8.0 fixed.
  • SPR# RHOE8B4LXU - Allows Basic Client to automatically minimize when user selects F5 or when auto logoff engages. This is accomplished with the following ini variable "MINIMIZEONLOCKOUT=1." This fix only applies to the Basic client.

These fixes apply to both the Basic and Standard Notes Client:
  • SPR# EFEZ8FLKMF - Ensure that updates to admin.exe and designer.exe are installed only if those components are already installed.
  • +SPR# XTCN8GPEN9 - Fixed a Mac specific client hot-fix issue where a Hot Fix needs space between FP (fixpack) and SHF for the basic portion of the string.
  • SPR# AHAS8BSH8B - Prior to this fix, Drag and Dropping of files to Notes was slow and large files sometimes failed.
  • SPR# DCHR7PU3LL - Tables with long fields are not wrapping when printed. If the table size exceeds the paper size, we will shrink the table to fit the paper. This avoids truncating printed content but will affect the original table layout. (Technote #1416913)
  • SPR# HIKA8E7RT3 - A MIME message which contains is not rendered correctly with embedded browser enabled, resolved in client. (Technote #1499287)
  • +SPR# JDAM7DBS9U - Message received if exceeding mail file capacity should specify mail file size limitation. Regression in 8.5.
  • SPR# KYOE7LC6P9 - Users are unable to choose "Save All Selected" to save off attachments in a document if the group policy enabling "Hide the dropdown list of recent files" is turned on. This is a regression introduced in Notes 8.0. (Technote #1462004)
  • +SPR# ASIN8AEMLH - Fixes nlnotes crash in NEMCheckPreviousInstance when multi-clicking notes shortcut causes multiple notes.exe and hence multiple nlnotes.exe to be invoked.
  • +SPR# RPAL8GD7D8 - Fix increases the time interval between every Notes Client Ping to the Primary server after failover. New default is 5 mins. between pings, which was 2 secs previously. Notes ini MailServerPingInterval can be set to change the default of 5 mins. For Example: MailServerPingInterval=10 is approx 10 mins.
  • +SPR# RWHG8CLCYW - Fixes resolves an issue around Local replicas pushed down via policy are not always created and immediately populated during a new user setup. Regression in 8.5.2 FP1.
  • RKRY8BQK69 - Performance fix in the Notes Client to skip loading remote CSS by default. Previously when Notes converted an HTML data and the data had CSS on a remote server, it took very long time for the HTML to appear. Now the client skips loading remote CSS.
  • SPR# SCHI829FXK - Fix resolves issue that caused the Notes Admin client to crash while checking Domino Server log.nsf properties.
  • SPR# SFBI88NS6U - Fix resolves issue with crash in linked list - caused by spell check. (Technote #1468979)
  • SPR# TITH88TD95 - Fixed Client Performance while opening Views With Long Text Strings. Regression in 8.5.1 FP4.
  • +SPR# TSHI8DJ7SM - Fix resolves issue where Notes may hang or open very slowly when opening views that contains long DBCS strings. Regression in 8.5.2.
  • +SPR# RHOE88VLLK - An issue has been fixed where dragging and dropping bookmarks from the Bookmark Bar to a Workspace tab results in a blank Workspace Page. (Technote #1503937)
  • SPR# AJAS8EMHSL - Resolved Linux Notes Client upgrade issues seen when upgrading from 8.5.1 to and 8.5.2 Fix Pack with the postinst script yielding return error code 99.
  • +SPR# JMIL8F6JJH - Fix resolves client install issues experienced when client hotfix or fixpack is installed by a different user and data directory is upgraded on multi-user install.
  • SPR# AHOE87TNT2 - This fix allows all All Certificate Links to be copied to the client if the notes.ini TRUST_MGMT_IGNORE_HIERARCHY=1 is set. This helps minimize cross certificate prompts when a user is moved form one organization to another. Due to the overhead of copying all certificates, this is disabled by default so customers who need it can enable.
  • SPR# MWID83FVLJ - Fixed an issue with intermittent delays and hangs when accessing the views in Mail. This would periodically show the inbox out of date.
  • SPR# BJGY83MPB6 - Fixed a Client crash when updating Adobe 9.x. (Technote #1437890)
  • +SPR# DANG8BYQ56 - Local replicas pushed down via policy are not always created and immediately populated during a new user setup. This fix resolves the issue described. This was a regression introduced in release 8.5.2
  • +SPR# HYAI8DWCMV - Fix resolves an issue where an Embedded View is displayed incorrectly in the Client. You must scroll to see all content. This was a Regression introduced in 8.5.2 FP1.
  • +SPR# IISA82DCF4 - Opening an attachment the 2nd time can result in a 'file in use' error instead of opening the attachment with a new, generated filename. This regression was introduced in 8.5.1.
  • SPR# JYJG89CHHM - Fix a performance issue that caused dragging and dropping files from Notes to a folder to take longer than saving it directly.
  • SPR# KKOO848FGE - Vista only: When you set Japanese IME mode to Kana mode, the mode got reset to direct input mode after you opened/closed a dialog box twice. With this fix, IME keeps the input mode.
  • SPR# RKRY8BQK69 - Performance fix in the Notes Client to skip loading remote CSS by default. Previously when Notes converted an HTML data and the data had CSS on a remote server, it took very long time for the HTML to appear. Now the client skips loading remote CSS.
  • SPR# SCHI829FXK - Fix resolves issue that caused the Notes Admin client to crash while checking Domino Server log.nsf properties.
  • SPR# HSAO8CZMTK - Fixed an ical Domino crash. This crash can impact a Domino server or a client but has been more prevalent on Domino servers. (Technote #1504183)
  • SPR# KGEW7QNV85 - Fixed a problem where Notes would be unable to send an internet email message if the address was enclosed in single-quotes.
  • +SPR# ATHN8CFKST - Fix resolves potential Notes crash when printing a log message. Regression in 8.5.2 fixed in 8.5.2 FP3. Resolved in client.
  • SPR# KMUR864L7H - Fixed a Client crash that gave error: Panic: Lookuphandle: Handle Out Of Range.
These fixes apply only to the Standard Notes Client:
  • SPR# DWHD8GSRL9 - Resolved an issue around use of Business Card causing out of memory exceptions in the Notes Client. Fixed in 8.5.2 FP3. Potential work around for non FP3 users is to make sure users using the Business Card are in Profiles.
  • SPR# JLLU8374LC - Fix resolves an issue on Windows 7 where Spell check dialog goes off screen with Medium or Large text font. (Technote #1427067)
  • +SPR# MLUO8DZ5B8 - Addresses inability to launch Notes client when upgrading from 8.5.2 FP1 to 8.5.2 FP2. Installing FP2 directly worked but not upgrading from FP1 to FP2. This was a regression in 8.5.2 FP2
  • SPR# HPXG8H693X - Fix resolves notes client crash on linux opening a linked attachment in mail.
  • SPR# AJMO8H7LTR - Added improved Notes Client logic for Recent Contact Sync feature to prevent putting unnecessary load on a Domino Server.
  • +SPR# RKRY8DVP24 - Fixed an issue where local contacts in typeahead are not sorted using DIP ranking. (Technote #1496938)
  • SPR# RKRY8G2S3S - The code has been modified to treat internet addresses containing % as illegal for Recent Contacts. If there already exists such entries they will be deleted
  • SPR# ATHN8GPAF7 - Companion fix for SLAE8ESJK8 which resolves issue where the client would not properly launch after provisioning a plugin or a widget. Resolved in client.
  • SPR# GKYU8EJK9W - Fix resolves exceptions found in trace log when Mail is set as home page. This was a regression introduced in 8.5.1.
  • SPR# JPAI8BVQ8J - Fix resolves issue where user was receiving the message: 'Notifying Deferred Selection Listeners' has encountered a problem. This error would occur when logged into Sametime and selecting day-at-a-glance. (Technote #1468242)
  • SPR# MLAT87XSS7 - Fixes a problem with when quickly clicking notes shortcut multiple times in rapid succession. This caused multiple nlnotes.exe to be launched interfering/crashing client on startup.
  • SPR# AHAS8D2487 - Fix resolves a Mac specific issue where the new Lotus Connections Files connector for Mac is using the HTMLTransfer data types to drag and drop one or more files from the Connections Files server into a Notes document. The code is expecting a HTML link to be inserted into the Notes document. Instead a Text link is inserted into the Notes document, hence a data loss.
  • SPR# AHAS8DAHCQ - Fix resolves a Mac specific issue where the new Lotus Connections Files connector for Mac is using the HTMLTransfer data type to Copy/Paste Links to Connections Files into a Notes document. However the Paste menu is not activated in Notes after you select a File, and select 'Copy as Link' context menu. Works fine on Windows.
  • SPR# WTON7YRLY5 - Fixed an Installation issue that would prevent Notes from copying files to \workspace folders when parent folders had really long names. Prior to this fix a Windows error would occur: "Windows cannot copy file "c:\... " Windows cannot update your roaming profile. A possible cause of this error includes network problems or insufficient security rights. If problem persists, please contact your system admin."
  • +SPR# SHEZ8DUDWH - On Citrix: An error (An internal error occurred during "Loading data") is displayed when selecting "Feeds" Or "Day-at-a-glance". Regression in 8.5.2 FP1. (Technote #1501801)
  • SPR# SLAE8ESJK8 - Fix resolves issue where the client would not properly launch after provisioning a plugin or a widget.
  • +SPR# SRKM8ES7Z2 - Customers whose location document contains bad data for "location type" such as a string rather than an integer, receive a "getting all locations" error upon logging in. Regression in 8.5.2. (Technote #1498267)
  • SPR# DWHD8GSR9H- Fix resolves a performance issue where CPU would spike at 100% when Sametime photoprovider is active.
  • SPR# DCHR8GKLE2 - Fixed an issue where installer was incorrectly removing trailing whitespace from property values written to which could lead to a hang on startup. This only impacted installation to non-default directory.
  • SPR# NBRR8ECLHZ - Fix resolves an issue reported when installing a plugin, the "restart now" button does not respond when clicked.
  • SPR# NBRR8ECRPG - Fix allows client to generate and collects additional diagnostic information in the event of hangs and access violations within the Notes Client.
  • SPR# NFRS8BRCGW - Fixed an error condition when a user tried to add a static composite Application via an update site. The errors were due to changes in bundle index.
  • SPR#DCOY8FXKMG - Fixed integrated Sametime client issue during Client upgrade which causes the some of the plugins to re-start after they were provisioned.
  • +SPR# RPAL8F3NEB - Fix resolves a logic issue that would suppress slideout to prompt for restart after a plugin provisioning operation. This fix now checks to see if there was a pending restart from another operation.
  • SPR# WMUH8FTTLQ - Fix resolves issue where getURLConnection from system property returns wrong value.

  • +SPR# BMGH8G2S9L - When configuring ADC in a parent configuration document, the settings are not pushed to servers that have individual configuration documents without ADC configured. This fix resolves that issue. Regression in 8.5.
  • SPR# RCOR8AGHU7 - Fixed a problem with DAOS resync which would appear to cause the catalog to be locked and DAOS to report catalog as Synchronized while resync is still running.
  • SPR# JSMN8CCTGD - A server ini will allow archiving on servers regardless of the source server specified in the archive profile. Include the ini on the server which will be performing the archive. Eg. ARCHIVE_DISABLE_STRICT_SOURCE_SERVER=1
  • SPR# BJGY89RR4Y - Fixed an intermittent crash on the Client where Client crashed frequently when performing everyday tasks. Crash seemed to occur more frequently when docking/undocking laptop.
  • +SPR# TCHL8FNQ35 - Serviceability fix in the Notes Client where, if the Notes client crashes due to a non-java error and a javacore is attached to the ADC fault report, then the call stack field won't be filled in. This fix ensures the call stack field is populated.
  • SPR# YXIG7LBRQP - Fix resolves an intermittent crash within the Domino server, caused by launching the ICM (Internet Cluster Manager) tool after upgrade.
  • +SPR# SWAS8GGHMC - Fix makes cluster failover more efficient in 8.5.3 The existing API - ServerGetClusterReplicaMatches resolved the failover replica IDs but caused server outages. Regression in 8.5.2 FP2.
  • SPR# AGUD88WJTM - DXL can now export a document with duplicate item names of 2 different types.
  • SPR# KBRN8AKKAZ - Fix to better improve performance when opening files.on windows 64 bit platform. (Technote #1449825)
  • SPR# ATHS88FVZP - Performance fix in the Domino database area which impacted Quickr on Domino performance.
  • +SPR# CLEN8E3QBY - Resolved DAOS Re-Sync issue which incorrectly processes database delete as part of the resync. This fix skips database deletions during Re-Sync.
  • +SPR# JPAI8HLK46 - Fix resolves a database fix-up issue which improperly leaves databases in an inconsistent state and causes db corruption. Regression in 8.5.2 FP1.
  • SPR# PMAO8DNLD4 - Fix allows better reporting of DAOS prune operations in a status report. A Domino Domino Manager Rule has been added to provide the details.
  • SPR# SRIO877PQ5 - Resolved an issue within DAOS where the DAOS catalog cannot be resynchronized when pending delete list is large.
  • SPR# SWAS882KKK - Resolved Domino database deadlock issue caused during database compact.
  • SPR# BFUY8ALMKU - Resolved an issue during mail rule registration which produced error message ' Error registering mail rule 1 for database .nsf: Insufficient memory - NSF monitor pool is full '. Regression in 8.5.2.
  • SPR# AGUD82WRF4 - Fixed issues in LotusScript agents running on the web causing http task to hang when they fail to terminate.
  • SPR# JALS658T7S - Mail is parsed into two separate addresses on a reply/reply with history. This fix prevents splitting of RFC822 addresses caused by unquoted commas and semicolons. This fix requires setting the Notes.ini variable "RFC822StripUnquotedDelimiters=1". (Technote #1219172)
  • SPR# NBRR8DUU7F - Resolved a Serviceability issue where a KitType missing from the notes.ini causes NSD to fail to communicate with the NSD service, resulting in permissions error.
  • SPR# NBRR8DXNW2 - Serviceability enhancement - when a manual NSD is run, we search for the javacore, and add the file in for ADC collection. Previous javacores were only collected when nsd ran because the notes2 process crashed or exited ahead of nlnotes.
  • SPR# NBRR8DYF6S - Serviceability enhancement - When the notes2 process is killed via the "End Program" dialog, a note is captured in the NSD.
  • SPR# SRAE84PUYY - Serviceability enhancement - Java core file is generated when NSD is run on multi user install.
  • SPR# YLJA7ZG38K - Fix resolves a server crash when replicating a large non-mail database.
  • +SPR# MLEC8FHKDB - Fix in Lotus Live Notes environment to auto accept meeting invitation for newly provisioned users. Regression in 8.5.2.
  • SPR# TACN8F7R9C - Enhance IBM i NSD processing to dump call stacks of jobs running under Domino server, but not found in the pid.nbf.
  • +SPR# JCOR8CET4R - Fixed inability to convert a document to MIME when document is unopened using Document.convertToMIME method. Regression in 8.5.2.
  • SPR# TKAA82Q826 - Fix resolves a Domino crash caused by a Web Service.
  • +SPR# AHOE895PNM - Fix to have Adminp ignore replication/save conflict documents during the rename process (user or web user). Regression in 8.5.1.
  • SPR# BINN88QRPP - Fix for "Error Looking up name on LDAP Server" when deleting users from Address Book. Previously when trying to use the Domino Administration client to delete a user, one would receive the following error: "Error Looking up name on LDAP Server." This error has occurred when using Domino 8.5.1 administrator Clients using both FP2 and FP3.
  • +SPR# KYOE6QSA3P - Fix to remove the duplicate result listed for one contact when searching "Local Address Books" from Notes Client. Regression in 7.0.1.
  • SPR# VPRS8CSQFT - Fixed a bug which caused server to crash during Directory namelookup.
  • +SPR# TPON889DVK - Fix resolves an issue reported when mail to recipients in Multiple Foreign Domains will only be delivered to the First Recipient Domain. Regression in 8.5.
  • SPR# KMUR63DF3V - Fix introduces an ini DEBUG_AMGR_ENABLE_RETRY_ON_COMPACT to allow an agent to run on a time interval once database compact is complete. Previously when a database was being compacted and an attempt was made to load a scheduled agent it would fail and the agent would be marked to not run again unless the user restarted the agent manager or the agent cache refreshed. This fix introduces a notes.ini variable to allow the agent in question to be retried on it's subsequent time interval.
  • +SPR# OIHZ8E3LZG - Fix for incomplete enumeration of names during a multiple name lookup in Directory.LookupNames. After upgrading to 8.5.2FP1, the lookup only returns the first 2 names when using NotesDirectory/NotesDirectoryNavigator classes. This fix resolves the issue and returns all the names during look-up.
  • +SPR# PCHE8DV359 - Fix resolves a Server crash when customer has an application which uses LotusScript method RunOnServer to run a Java agent. This agent scans all files in the Data directory and appends to a rich text which is then saved into a document. This process repeats for each subdirectory under data. However, it crashes immediately on running. Regression in 8.5.2.
  • +SPR# PCHE8EDMYG - Fix resolve a LotusScript error which is produced when an existing document is opened using NotesUIWorkSpace.EditDocument, and a target frame is specified using NotesUIWorkspace.SetTargetFrame, an error is generated: "Target frame is ancestor of script object". Regression in 8.5.2FP1
  • +SPR# SKAI7U683D - STATS_COLLECT_ALLOCATED_SHARED_PRIVATE=1 enables the collection of Allocated Shared and Allocated Private Memory stats on the Domino Server which was previously disabled.
  • SPR# AHOE8CVQ23 - Fixed a Http crash while Opening Mime Attachment on iSeries platform.
  • SPR# AJMO8EKU92 - Fixed a performance issue that led to a Name Lookup Cache (NLCache) to flush unnecessarily. This can cause performance problems if critical views $Users or $ServerAccess flushes from the NLCache during user authentication.
  • SPR# BJGY87YM2A - Fixed a problem in Notes Standard Client where a new mail message intermittenly did not close when sending if another tab was quickly clicked on after send. The fix ensures focus is put back to mail document on send, so Client can close window. Additonally we now send a delayed message to close mail document.
  • SPR# CSCT7RMRNR - Fixed Domino server performance and re-start issue seen during server initialization while creating admindata.xml
  • SPR# DWON8FVMYS - Fix resolves an issue within Server install where files are deleted in the data directory during shutdown. Primarily this behavior was seen on AIX 64-bit platform. (Technote #1500850)
  • SPR# GHAN83WK7Z - Fixed a potential Domino crash in OSUnlockObject. (Technote #1459551)
  • +SPR# LMIL8BHMEV - Fix resolves a performance issue where CPU spikes due to held Delivery Failure Reports in the router Regression in 8.5.1.
  • SPR# MCOA8C7CNX - When running Java Agents you may receive Out Of Memory exception. This is caused by Objects being referenced in java.util.ResourceBundle cache. The fix is to clear this cache once the Java agent has completed running.
  • SPR# MJBG8BG274 - Fixed a crash during shutdown of the http task.
  • SPR# MLEE88NL2U - Fix resolves a performance issue caused when replication request for a file that does not exist on the Domino server overloads the CPU resources. (Technote #1445382)
  • SPR# OIHZ89CPFP - Improved performance when doing a lookup against a large collection when the result is an exact match of the first document.
  • +SPR# PJON8C5VXZ - Fix resolves an issue in COM, where COM Application Cannot Open Server Address Book When Used With Notes 8.5.2. Regression in 8.5.2.
  • SPR# RGAU873MJ8 - Fix resolves an issue where Java agents would add back the ReturnReceipt field for SMTP mail after the return receipt had already been set. This issue impacted MIME/SMTP messages and not Notes mail.
  • SPR# SDIO8BPBSW - Fix resolves a Http crash in the Domino Web server when trying to open an image.
  • SPR# SRNS7L3QMQ - Fix resolves an issue with iNotes generating MIME that contains duplicate header field (MIME-Version). Duplication of the MIME-Version header in the final message caused issues with 3rd party software.
  • +SPR# TPON8DVGC - Fix resolves an issues around MIME messages, where previously a Mime Conversion On Server Causes Text?xml Attachments To Render As Part Of Message Body. Regression in 8.5.2.
  • +SPR# VPRS8GGSVJ - Fixed a potential Domino crash during directory name look-up.
  • SPR# XCXC8EJ4JA - Fix resolves a memory leak & error within the Domino LDAP server when used with IBM Lotus Connections. It is recommended customers use one filter (&(objectclass=inetorgperson) (uid=xxxx)) instead of duplicate filters (objectclass=inetorgperson).
  • SPR# BBSZ8EKLXE - Fix allows a DAOS enabled server to restore a Notes Database to non-DAOS enabled server by ignoring NLO log records.
  • SPR# JPMS856S2Z - Fixes resolves a memory issue when a massive number of deletes occur on a database.
  • SPR# JPMS8CYNT9 - Resolved deadlock semaphore error within the database Recovery Manager.
  • +SPR# KDMA89KT96 - Fixed error that prevented replicating with downlevel servers. Regression in 8.0.2
  • +SPR# KWON8FPRQT - Replicating with an R5 server would present: "Error: This function is not implemented on this version of the server". This is caused by flags the R5 server does not support. The flags are reset which allows replication, but the unsupported flags may cause certain items to not function for this unsupported release. This was a regression in 8.5.2
  • SPR# MIAS8A2HB4 - Fixed a potential memory overwrite during a client server transaction that would cause PANIC: CheckMarkers: Memory preceding object has been destroyed. (Technote #1498281)
  • SPR# MIAS8A2HUH - Server_restricted=1 does not prevent local replication. Added server_restricted=3 and server_restricted=4 which act like setting 1 and 2, but also block all replication that is not coming from an ID for an adminstrator. (Technote #1279004)
  • SPR# MIAS8AVREL - Fixed a Crash issue within DAOS, where STUserInfo process causes DAOS to Panic in it's termination code.
  • SPR# MJBG8A635A - Fixed a hang on the Domino Server where a dead lock between lock manager and Imap Selected Foldershash Table Semaphore is resolved.
  • SPR# MSER7WZGFM - Fixed a Domino Database corruption issue caused while updating a collection.
  • SPR# PMAO8DJMWX - Resolved an issue that would prevent a corrupt NSF file from being converted to DAOS without a full resync force. With this fix, DAOS conversion will be re-attempted after the corruption is corrected.
  • SPR# PMAO8DJNB4 - Fix resolves issue during DAOS adopt/resync which previously did not remove entries from deletion list when resurrecting an NLO.
  • SPR# SWAS89CR5G - Fixed a Server hang due to a corrupt DOT table in a database.
  • +SPR# SWAS8FL5D4 - Resolved Deadlock when running ncompact -B. When inplace compact is finishing up, it can cause a deadlock when transaction logging is enabled. This fix resolves the deadlock. Regression in 8.5.2.
  • +SPR# TBOD89ZKYA - Fixed problem where reader list on a note may not be honored during replication. Regression in 8.5.1 fixed in 8.5.2 FP3.
  • SPR# TSAO8AG4TL - Fix Dead Lock Between Lock Manager And "Imap Selected Foldershash Table Semaphore" Do not include nondata reads and writes in the User Activity. Fix problem with conversation threads on UNIX servers.
  • SPR#TSOE8H2KVK - Unsupported flags where set to send a request to an R5 server. The fix checks the level of the destination server and resets the flags the R5 does not support. Regression in 8.5.2.
  • SPR# YGAO83CF44 - UNIX specific issue resolved in the area of Database NIFs & Views where conversation threads were not updating properly in views on server based mail files. Threads were still showing as individual emails. (Technote #1437626)

iNotes Web Access
  • SPR# ALAS86HPVE - Fixed a potential HTTP crash caused when deleting folders in an iNotes client.
  • +SPR# ANIA8CF92G - Fix resolves an issue in iNotes, where signature was being inserted outside of the message body. Regression in 8.5.2.
  • +SPR# CTSI8D9LUW - Fixed a potential Domino HTTP hang caused when using iNotes. This was a regression introduced in 8.5.2 FP1
  • +SPR# HHIE8AWDNQ - Fix resolves an issue reported in iNotes, where adding a signature would overwrite the body of the message. Regression in 8.5.2.
  • SPR# KKOO8B48AA - Fix resolves an issue in iNotes where documents were not displayed in the iNotes Mail View. This issue would only occur using iNotes_WA_SessionCheck=1 notes.ini and enabling the preference "Show documents one page at a time (faster load time)".
  • +SPR# KYOE8C69ES - Fix resolves a problem in iNotes where text formatting was broken when a user would reply/forward a message in plain text editor. Regression in 8.5.2.
  • SPR# PHEY8D7LG7 - Fix resolves a potential Domino Server crash when opening a mail file with a corrupt profile within iNotes. (Technote #1469491)
  • SPR# CTSI86EPZ9 - Fix resolves a server error: "The server did not respond quickly enough. The server may be down or having problems. If this error occurs when you are sending mail, you may need to reduce the size of attachments and try again." This occurs in a low bandwidth environment running iNotes Lite mode. INI variable iNotes_WA_FormSubmitTimeout can be set to increase the time interval, before server responds with a message. Default value is 30 seconds, and that can be increased based on the bandwidth,
  • SPR# PMGY8FVHC6 - Resolved Http crash within iNotes.
  • +SPR# PPLV8B3EGG - Fix resolves an issue reported in iNotes where a frame in mail body was not fully extended, when viewed in iNotes 8.5.2. Regression in 8.5.2.
  • +SPR# ALAS8FXSK5 - Fix resolves issue where after installing the ActiveX control / BCM / DOLS control via the MSI Install, IE fails to see that they exist. Regression in 8.5.2 FP2. (Technote #1501797)
  • SPR# NBJC8BBCU9 - Fix resolves issue in iNotes. Issue - when opening the Preferences, rich text editor in the Signature tab appears at the bottom of the page in Fire Fox 4 browser.
  • SPR# PSAA7KUEDZ - Fixed iNotes specific crash when running on Windows 64 bit platform with full load.
  • SPR# RAGG89BJ8P - Fixed iNotes issue when running on FF4 Beta5. This fix will provides a UI that does not use the XUL features, which were dropped in FF4.
  • SPR# RAGG8DFKF6 - Companion fix for SPR - JCIK8EXP28. Fix resolves a Solaris platform issue where Notes runs out of memory due to caching.
  • +SPR# VSEN8DUSJ6 - Fix resolves issue in iNotes where 100% zoom in IE 8 was distorting fonts. Regression in 8.5.
  • SPR# DGAO8GRKXM - Fix resolves occurrence of error message when opening new message form via Sametime Contact List. in iNotes.
  • SPR# SQZO8DX8SD - Adding support for IE9 for iNotes. This fix resolves an issue when saving files within QuickR using IE 9.
  • SPR# SQZO8DYAKA - Adding support for IE9 for iNotes. This fix resolves an issue where log-in page is blank when session has expired.
  • SPR# VSEN8F6SQS - Adding support for IE9 for iNotes. This fix resolves an issue in Quick Find invocation not working properly.
  • SPR# YMPN8CV9B8 - Adding support for IE9 for iNotes. This fix resolves an error when selecting Address while composing a new message.

XPages / Domino Designer
  • SPR# MKEE89GLQU - Fixed a problem in XPages with repeating controls where a bad clientid was being generated for rows 100-109. (Technote #1503624)
  • +SPR# MNAA8EQ8YJ - Fix resolves an issue in XPages where, a Customer is using an XPage database that has rich text field. When opening a document that has some href links with single quotation(e.g. in Pass-Thru HTML style(enclose with square brackets), user can't open it with "Unexpected runtime error". Regression in 8.5.2. .
  • SPR# ASAI86HK6G - Fix resolves an issue of duplicate source code when moving elements on an XPage.

Instant Messaging
  • SPR#TDEY8G9HLP- Fix reduces chance of lost chat messages in ST 8.0.2. Prior to this fix, when starting a new chat and sending multiple messages rapidly, a timing issue could occur where one users has closed the chat, but the other side doesn't know yet. This can also happen on disconnects / reconnects. The client will now report an error when this happens indicating that message could not be sent.
  • SPR#TDEY8G9HVW - Fix resolves an issue in ST 8.02 where chat history only saves part of transcript when saving as rich text.

25 Commenti:

  • #1 Giuseppe Grasso 08/08/2011 9:30:21 AM

    Grazie @Giannandrea, ho fatto un post sugli interim fix: { Link }

  • #2 Giannandrea Schiavo 08/07/2011 2:04:28 PM

    Rilasciata la fix ufficiale per il "formula error" di iNotes

    Interim Fix 1 for iNotes 8.5.2 Fix Pack 3

    Nella nota viene anche indicato che questa fix è dedicata ad iNotes (per l'anomalia inerente IMAP si raccomanda la precedente "interim fix" dedicata a Domino).


  • #3 Giannandrea Schiavo 08/05/2011 9:11:20 PM

    C'è la notifica di una nuova anomalia presente nell'8.5.2 FP3 ed inerente il task IMAP:

    Per questo problema però è stata già rilasciata una "interim fix" dedicata (8.5.2 FP3 IF1)

  • #4 Giuseppe Grasso 08/03/2011 3:45:23 PM

    L'hotfix per traveler segnalato da @Matteo va installato prima (!) di aggiornare con la fp3: { Link }

  • #5 Alessandro Galbiati 07/29/2011 3:25:37 PM

    Io ho caricato Domino 8.5.2 FP3 con Traveler e non ho riscontrato nessun problema.

    Alessandro Galbiati

  • #6 Matteo Briotto 07/28/2011 1:10:47 PM

    *** ATTENZIONE ***

    Non caricate la FP3 se il Domino è anche server Traveler.

    C'è una operazione del calendar che manda in crash il server. A me è capitato 3 volte nel giro di 2 giorni.

  • #7 Riccardo Leoni 07/27/2011 11:39:42 AM

    Per quanto riguarda lo standanrd client posso installarla tranquillamente?

  • #8 Alessandro Galbiati 07/26/2011 8:07:56 AM

    Ho sostituito il database "Forms85.nsf" e gli altri files come da sito e l'email via web funziona nuovamente.


  • #9 Giuseppe Grasso 07/25/2011 10:43:08 AM

    @Alessandro: per quanto ne so ancora nessuna novità.

    Il workaround migliore al momento credo sia quello di sostituire il database "Forms85.nsf" prendendolo dal precedente interim fix (la technote è ancora invariata: )

  • #10 Alessandro Galbiati 07/25/2011 8:23:08 AM

    Avete delle novità in merito alla risoluzione di questo problema? Ho aggiornato e ho il problema della webmail.

    Questa mattina mi è arrivata l'email da IBM Passport dicendo di aggiornare il server alla 8.5.2 FP 3



  • #11 Matteo Bisi 07/22/2011 3:42:55 PM

    Purtroppo non abbiamo bisogno di queste pessime figure!!

    Sinceramente speravo anche in una soluzione ufficiale piu' veloce

  • #12 Giannandrea Schiavo 07/22/2011 2:33:38 PM

    IBM ha pubblicato la sua nota ufficiale sull'anomalia:

    Speriamo in una rapida soluzione...


  • #13 Matteo Briotto 07/22/2011 10:11:40 AM

    WORKAROUND temporaneo

    E' possibile aggirare il bug e avere l'iNotes funzionante in attesa che IBM risolva il problema.

    Fate attenzione che la cosa però non crei problemi ad altre applicazioni,

    Bisogna nelle "Regional and Language Options" di Windows mettere il Format a "English (United States)" e far partire il server Domino non come servizio ma come "regular application".

    Evidentemente la cosa è legata a qualche conversione data/ora.

  • #14 Giuseppe Grasso 07/21/2011 6:40:03 PM

    Secondo Sasa Brkic qui: { Link } pare che il problema sia per locali diverse dall'inglese (questo forse spiega perchè alcuni mi hanno detto che a loro funziona...)

  • #15 Alessandro Donelli 07/21/2011 11:15:14 AM


    vorrei fare il punto

    FP3 attualmente ha il problea riscontrato "formula error"

    Si sembra o meglio è il Form85

    Vorrei anche segnalare la serietà e la tempestività del supporto IBM.

    il Workgraund di prendere il form come linkato da Giuseppe non è consigliato dal supporto per server di produzione.

    Quindi se lo fate per test nessun problema ma su server di produzione consiglio di restare 8.5.2 fp2 + IF

    Aspettiamo la chiusura dei PMR aperti su tale bug prima di installarla...


  • #16 Gianfranco 07/21/2011 9:51:42 AM

    Mi sono collegato poco fa e mi fa scaricare una fix datata 18 luglio. Trovo decisamente discutibile non che non sia ancora stato risolto il problema, bensi' che uno possa scaricare dal sito una correzione che fa danni! In piu' notizie sul problema le si trovano solo nel forum del prodotto e in qualche sito (come questo) dedicato a IBM/Lotus.

    Ne approfitto, infine, per ringraziarvi: se non fossi passato per le vostre pagine avrei installato l'fp3 senza colpo ferire...ed ora avrei decine di utenti imbufaliti...

  • #17 danilo 07/20/2011 10:39:53 PM

    Tra l'altro, visto che il form è corrotto e che il problema è stato identificato, è stato ri-pubblicato il fix oppure no?

    Confesso che non ho controllato ...


  • #18 Stefano Benassi 07/20/2011 4:07:03 PM

    Niente da dire, concordo pienamente con Danilo...

    Il problema sembra essere un form corrotto che è stato inserito nel db Forms85.nsf del package pubblicato per il download.

    Non si possono però commettere errori del genere.


  • #19 danilo 07/20/2011 3:53:23 PM

    Resto sorpreso dalla qualità "bassa" del sw rilasciato.

    Ci siamo dati delle gran pacche sulle spalle su "che bel futuro, che bel sw e che belle idee" e poi cadiamo sulle basi.

    Ma insomma ... che razza di test fanno ....?

    Già dover combattere tutti i giorni con quelli che vogliono GuardaFuori e PostaMela e poi trovarsi con questo.

    Lo "posso capire" (eufemismo) in caso di rilascio pesante ... ma non su una fixpack ...


    p.s. scusate lo sfogo

  • #20 Giuseppe Grasso 07/20/2011 12:06:19 PM

    c'è, per il momento un workaround al problema inotes: { Link } si tratta di ripristinare, dopo aver aggiornato alla FP3, il database in /data/iNotes/Forms85.nsf preso dalla FP2

  • #21 Luigi 07/20/2011 10:26:52 AM

    Ormai da me ci siamo rassegnati, siamo tornati alla 8.5.1 client, la meno peggio in assoluto. Tutti i nuovi utenti che arrivano qui e che usavano notes dicono cose tipo "si, ma usavo quella con la grafica non blu (ho scoperto essere client basic o versione 7.x)" e "da me stavano passando ad outlook". no comment

  • #22 Alessandro Donelli 07/20/2011 6:11:10 AM

    Consiglio di non installarla.

    Sembra essere la novità della 8.5.2 .. pochi test in laboratorio..


  • #23 Stefano Benassi 07/19/2011 10:04:52 PM

    Ciao Vittorio! Confermo...proprio bella la FP3: risolve 1000 bug ma non funziona più la comment...mi piacerebbe fare una domanda agli sviluppatori: avete provato la FP3 prima di pubblicarla???

  • #24 Vittorio Foschi 07/19/2011 9:14:54 PM

    PS: per chi non lo sapesse ( come me !!! ) ... rilanciado il FixPack è possibile disinstallarlo ...

    Non si finisce mai di imparare ...

  • #25 Vittorio Foschi 07/19/2011 9:08:04 PM

    Avete aggiornato ? Ebbene io si ... di solito aspetto qualche giorno per aggiornare all'ultimo FixPack ... Oggi non ho aspettato!!

    Morale : apro iNotes e mi becco un bel errore !!! Il browser mi dice :

    Problema: - Formula Error

    e ovviamente iNotes non parte.

    Quindi ... Non aggiornate !!!

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