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HCL Digital Solutions Factory Tour 2020
Keynote: Reimagining Software
Richard Jefts & Chris Healey
A history and a review of our development manifesto, process and delivery schedule in order to move our culture, technology and quality forward and prepare our future with you.

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Hackathon Finalists
An HCL Digital Solutions Virtual Factory Tour wouldn’t be complete without a friendly — and competitive — HCL Domino Volt Hackathon. Come see amazing app skills and see the winners who changed the world with simple code.
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Product Roadmap
Roadmap for v12: Domino, Designer, and Notes
Learn about the vision, strategy, and future of Domino, Designer, and Notes
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HCL Digital Experience Roadmap
HCL Digital Experience is innovating more than ever. Get a sneak peek into what is coming soon.
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HCL Volt MX Roadmap: The Road Ahead
Learn what to expect from this game-changer and listen to our vision and roadmap for 2021.
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Connections Roadmap: 2021 and Beyond
We created a roadmap for Connections that will deliver on a long list of enhancement and feature requests.
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HCL Domino Volt Roadmap
We got feedback from around the world. Come get a view into the next 12 months.
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HCL Sametime Premium Roadmap
We provide insight into the future of Sametime Premium and how it’ll help you and your business.
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Technical Sessions
HCL Digital Experience: Meet the  Developers
Our DX developers answer questions from the audience about the latest capabilities, future plans and more.
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The Art of the Possible… for Techies
A glimpse into future technology with discussions about integration, collaborations and upcoming projects.
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Building Software with a Future
Join us to look inside and hear about the changes we have made to coding in our development teams
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UX/UI into 2021
This session provides insights, updates and a review of the development of a new design system.
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HCL Domino and Add-on Products Licensing: the New Way!
We discuss the immediate and longer-term advantages of a CCB transition from current licensing
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HCL Domino Volt Tutorial
Learn some of the key techniques and concepts for building cool Domino Volt apps.
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