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HCL Digital Solutions Imagine 2020
Enabling the Future of Work
IDC Perspective with Wayne Kurtzman & Richard Jefts
The COVID-19 pandemic and associated economic and social disruptions have forced companies to accelerate digital transformation. This allows leaders the chance to rethink and reimagine their leadership styles and processes to be more nimble, active, and empathetic.
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Preview of HCL Domino v12!
Barry Rosen & Francois Nasser
Domino powers the apps that run your business.  
Coming in 2021, Domino v12 is the next milestone in
HCL’s commitment to innovation, and to enrich the Domino ecosystem and ensure a modern platform for  the next generation of business users and IT.
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Digital Transformation at Scale
Richard Jefts & Dion Hinchcliffe
Business models are dramatically shifting. The way we work has been flipped upside down. And yet, the last great experience a customer or employee has becomes their expectation. You need to transform your business. Are you ready? Let’s transform the future together.
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The Low-Code Manifesto
Andrew Manby & Ken Krause
Technology is evolving so rapidly that you can’t  adapt without transforming revenue streams, customer experiences, and new ways of working. Find out how low code makes developers more efficient and empowers many more people to solve challenges.  
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Delivering an Impactful  Multiexperience Customer Journey
Andrew Manby & Francois Nasser
To thrive, organizations need to deliver highly contextualized experiences — not just simple apps  and websites — across all digital touchpoints.  You need to reach your audiences and customers in  the right way, every time.
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Introducing HCL Sametime Premium
Ginni Saini & Luis Guirigay
Why are you still accepting expensive SaaS pricing for your video meetings provider? Are you worried your data is being mined? With HCL Sametime, you can reinvent your digital office, take control of your costs, and own your meetings and data.
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Global Unveiling of HCL Connections v7
Andrew Manby & Rene Schimmer
Every business must ensure maximum operational continuity, even in times of crisis. Join this session to learn how this latest version powers the projects, teams and communications that drive your business forward, and creates a more engaged workforce.
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The World Premiere of HCL Volt MX
Richard Jefts, Andrew Manby, & Jason Gary
Joins us for the world premiere of our new gamechanger, HCL Volt MX, a leading multiexperience development platform. You can accelerate your digital transformation initiatives, drive innovation in your organization, and make beautiful apps for any device.
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Employee Experiences & the Digital Office
Andrew Manby & Rene Schimmer
Success in the digital economy isn’t just about transforming buyer journeys and improving the  bottom line. It also means your employees have  the tools to communicate, innovate, and drive the business forward — remotely and effectively.
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