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The following features and enhancements for administrators are new in IBM® Domino® 9.0.1 Social Edition Feature Pack 9.

Databases and views can be opened more quickly in databases that are enabled for transaction logging

It takes less time to open databases and views that are at ODS 52 or higher and enabled for transaction logging. Previously, performance for opening databases or views could be slow in databases that were frequently updated. This improvement is due to the implementation of less contention with update operations.

Restricting the use of mail rules to forward messages to external domains

You can control the extent to which users can use the Send copy to mail rule to automatically forward received messages to external domains that are not recognized by the mail server. This feature does not affect any forwarding rules that are specified in a user's Person document or any other type of mail server forwarding or re-direction. You must upgrade to the pubnames.ntf template provided with Feature Pack 9. For more information, see the description of the Deny rules mail forwarding to external internet domains field in the topic Setting delivery controls.

Enabling inline view indexing

By default, view indexes are updated on a server at scheduled intervals. You can now enable inline view indexing to update a view index immediately after documents change. When you enable inline view indexing, a critical view is always kept up-to-date for your users. For more information, see Enabling and managing inline view indexing.

Enable users to run mail rules on existing messages

Use the Enable Run Rules On Existing Mail setting in a Mail Settings policy to enable users to run mail rules on messages that are already stored in folders. To use this feature, users must use a mail file that is upgraded to the Mail9.ntf template that is provided with Feature Pack 9. For more information, see Creating a mail policy settings document.

Disabling support for automatic opening of Notes links with fully-qualified server names

Starting with Feature Pack 9, Notes application, view, and document links contain fully-qualified server names so that users can follow the links without creating Connection documents. This feature is on by default but can be disabled by adding the NOTES.INI setting DISABLE_SERVER_HINT=1 to clients.

Enabling additional components for roaming

Additional roaming components are supported. For information on NOTES.INI setting requirements on clients, see Enabling additional components for roaming.

Enabling improved replication performance over low-bandwidth connections for MMR users

To enable Managed Mail Replica (MMR) users to control how much of application documents to replicate initially over low-bandwidth connections, push the NOTES.INI setting EnableReplicationOptionForMMR=1 to Notes clients. For more information, see Enabling improved replication performance over low-bandwidth connections for MMR users.

Ensuring improved fidelity for signatures in emails sent to external users

Ensure that improved fidelity for signatures in emails sent to external users is available to your users. If the NOTES.INI setting MIME_MAIL_USE_HAPI=1 is used on Notes clients, disable it by pushing the NOTES.INI setting MIME_MAIL_USE_HAPI=0. If MIME_MAIL_USE_HAPI=1 is not used, the enhancements are available and no action is needed. For more information, see Ensuring improved fidelity for signatures in emails sent to external users.

Enabling improved support for Notes addressing with mobile directory catalogs

To enable the names list to sort according to the directory catalog configuration when using typeahead to search a mobile directory catalog, push the NOTES.INI setting $TypeAheadShowDircatFirst=1 to Notes clients. Names in local contacts follow this list. In addition, the Search Directory for option is available at the end of the list to facilitate server lookup.

Enabling improved name lookup in Notes

To enable improved name lookup in IBM Notes when users search for names through type-ahead or the ambiguous names dialog box, push the NOTES.INI setting AllowWildcardLookup=1 to Notes clients. For more information, see Enabling improved name lookup in Notes.

Mail template includes views required for Verse On-Premises

The Mail9.ntf template that is provided with Feature Pack 9 now includes the views that are required for IBM Verse On-Premises. If you upgrade to this template, when you configure Verse On-Premises, you no longer need to copy the ($VerseLookup) and ($VerseTrashLookup) views from the VOPDesign.nsf that is part of the Verse On-Premises installation package.

Domino REST API enhancements

Feature Pack 9 provides the following Domino REST API enhancements. For details on these enhancements, see the OpenNTF / das-api-specs repository.

Improved attachment support

Previously, the data API returned all attachments inline with a document. Now, when reading a document, you can use the attachmentlinks=true parameter to get links to the attachments. Then you can read each attachment as a separate resource.

Full-text search score

When you search within a view or across all documents, the data API returns a list of matching documents. Each item in the list now includes the relative search score. This helps a client rank search results.

More granular administrator control of REST resources

When administrators enable an API, they can now use a server NOTES.INI setting to selectively disable a specific resource. For example, if administrators enable the data API but they don't want an application browsing the list of databases on the server, they can disable the database collection resource (set config DAS_DATA_DB_COLLECTION=0). See the OpenNTF / das-api-specs repository for a complete list of new NOTES.INI settings.

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