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#NewWayToWork - Mail clients from Traveler to Verse On-Premises - the Facts

IBM Verse have ushered in a new era of e-mail like you have never experienced it before ! IBM is pursuing a "bring your own client" strategy for e-mail which will be completed end 2016 with the roll-out of Verse On-Premises. In this session we will discuss the unique values of Verse On-Premises and position the use of Notes or Outlook as a rich desktop client and the use of native mobile device manufacturer mail apps versus IBM provided apps

The Future of Work

La continua evoluzione dei modelli e degli strumenti di comunicazione e collaborazione sta trasformando concretamente le modalità di lavoro quotidiane delle singole persone.

A (XPages) developers guide to Cloudant

NoSQL databases getting more popular recently, especially MongoDb. But there is another popular NoSQL, Cloudant. It is the cloud version of CouchDb. Cloudant has lots of similarities with good old NSF, but a lot faster.

La collaborazione europea continua - relazione sui progressi ottenuti

All'inizio del 2015 abbiamo lanciato una piattaforma di collaborazione per un conglomerato assicurativo europeo. Abbiamo rimpiazzato un server di chat antiquato e diversi database Lotus Notes con una piattaforma completamente integrata con IBM Sametime, IBM Connections, IBM Notes / Domino e applicazioni XPages.

IBM Verse, a new way to work ?

Scopriamo come il nostro modo di lavorare può cambiare grazie ad IBM Verse e come la soluzione sta evolvendo.

How to use existing data to increase adoption success with IBM Connections

IBM Connections is a great piece of software but it starts as an empty shell and heavily relies on people to use the system. People only tend to use systems though if they find valuable content which helps solving daily problems. But that content has to be provided by people so it is like chasing one’s own tail. These are two crucial points that make adoption for any solution a difficult task

IBM mail support for Microsoft Outlook

Il supporto outlook consente di usare Outlook con i server Domino V9.0.1, offrendo la scelta di quale client di posta utilizzare senza rinunciare al valore delle applicazioni critiche per il business

IBM Bluemix platform and cognitive services

This session covers main features of IBM Bluemix platform and its latest news

Verso la "cultura" delle Conversazioni

Project Toscana ora ha un nome IBM Watson Workspace...

Riding the Enterprise Integration train

This session will showcase several examples how you can build these kind of integrations on an enterprise level - with XPages, Connections, Verse and Salesforce Lightning..

IBM Presents the IBM Notes & Domino Roadmap

the latest updates on IBM Notes and Domino as well as IBM Verse On-premises

OrtoCloud - sfruttare XPages Weather e NoSQL su Bluemix

OrtoCloud è un'applicazione che è arrivata seconda al contest dell'ICS Developer competition

You think you're alone? Let's shine a light on the global ICS community...

Amanda Bauman (IBM ICS Community Manager) and Tony Holder (Commercial Manager HADSL) will take you on an informative and lighthearted journey around the global community of ICS

Modernising an IBM Notes application using AngularJS, REST and NGINX

Modernisation of IBM Notes applications is a topic that is on the map for many IBM customers. With one of my customers, a Norwegian manufacturing company, we started a project last year to modernise a 15 year old business critical Notes application.

Making the most of IBM Connections - 10 things every User should know

IBM Connections is so full of features and capability, even well versed IBM Connections users, admins, community owners and managers may not know them all

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